news day

this is funny… and this is so, so sad. every once in a while, mother nature reminds us just how insignificant we really are.

ancient art, the way it was meant to be

an article in today’s washington post highlights a new exhibit of ancient sculpture at the vatican museum. the statues are presented with their original paintings recreated on replica casts. this shatters the public perception of classic art as stoic white marble, and depicts the vivid color schemes the ancients enjoyed.

yahoo video search

i’m a few days late to the party, but yahoo beta launched a video search last week. check out the slashdot thread for the _obvious_ reviews.

innocence lost

i produced a package yesterday for an SHNS series on kids who have lost a parent in the war in iraq. the writing and pictures are very touching. if there was more time, i would have liked to have gone further and done the whole thing in flash. i banged it out in a couple […]

great googly libraries

google is adding major libraries to its search capabilities, including oxford and other major research institutions. no doubt, the internet is a convenient tool for broad and fast research, but the quality of the information found in general searching doesn’t go very deep.

firey loins

a recent study shows that males using laptops on their laps face fertility issues. the laptops generate heat and elevate the temperature of the scrotum, lowering sperm counts.