i want one

fire is cool. residential brick ovens: www.mugnaini.com www.earthstoneovens.com here’s an article from the washington post on them.

nero's entombed palace

the domus aurea was buried when nero’s rule came to its violent end, subsequently the contents are very well preserved. this week, a city officials unveiled a spectacular mosaic hinting at the amazing finds to come.

slaves or superstars?

this article cites some new theories that challenge our current perceptions of gladitors in roman society. rather than slaves who fought to the death, it suggests that the storied combatants were pampered superstars who staged their fights like modern-day professional wrestlers.

new imh logo treatments

i finally got some time to do a little work on the imh stuff that’s been hanging around. from the original design work back in the 90s, the only logo art that survived was compressed and low resolution web formats. i ended up rebuilding the logo from scratch at print resolutions and, in the process, […]

popups begone, hello video

Online video will heat up as a U.S. advertising format in 2005, fueled by the use of high-speed Internet connections, while attention-grabbing pop-ups will wane, according to a research report on online ad trends by Internet agency Avenue A/Razorfish.

advanced cold fusion

haven’t blogged for the last few days while i have been attending an advanced coldfusion MX programming class. really good stuff, i got a lot of out of it and really enjoyed the experience. i have seen the light on building rich sites with flash frontends and coldfusion backends. very impressive potential.