Police spent about two hours Tuesday morning corralling a herd of buffalo that somehow got loose and wandered around an upscale residential community in suburban Baltimore, disrupting traffic and alarming homeowners. County police used 13 police cars, members of their tactical unit and a police helicopter to herd about 10 animals onto the tennis court of an apartment complex, police spokesman Shawn Vinson said. the full story at washingtonpost.com

From C|Net: Three years ago, graphic artist Shane Felux came home with a digital camera newly purchased on eBay and gave his wife Dawn a deadline: three months to write a 40-minute Star Wars script, and then lights, camera, action. Now, countless volunteer hours and $20,000 in maxed-out credit cards later, comes the release of “Star Wars: Revelations,” one of the most ambitious amateur films based on George Lucas’ science fiction universe ever made.