Tackling The Antiquities Problem

This article posted 03.29.06 on nytimes.com excerpts a discussion moderated by the Times’ cheif art critict regarding antiquities and their provenance. Looting and the black market trade in art and antiquities is a big deal, only the illegal arms and drug trades are larger. Here are a few pull quotes from the very distinguished panel: […]

Buck Owens

A giant left us this weekend, Buck Owens died early Saturday morning. Of course I knew Buck Owens, as many of my age did, from his role as co-host of the popular 70s television show “Hee Haw.” As a kid living in a rural area with only two clear channels and one fuzzy one coming […]

projects coming to light

a couple of recent efforts are finally seeing the light of day. www.maritimehistory.org, the new site for the institute of maritime history went live yesterday. dns is stil updating in some remote necks of the woods, but so far it looks like it is working pretty well. i had a bear of a time implementing […]

secret society searching

interesting item on yahoo’s buzz log today, with the davinci code controversy and major film release, they are seeing a spike in interest for information on secret societies. as a freemason, such things tend to interest me on several levels. misconceptions about the knights templar can be very entertaining, and lead to fantastic fodder for […]

myspace is a fusebox site

I haven’t spent a lot of time checking out MySpace, but recent discussions about social networking sites and commercial impact on media had me poking around in there this morning. I was fairly surprised when I realized that the entire site was built not only in coldfusion, but it uses the fusebox methodology. Considering that […]