I’m a member of the Media Bloggers Association through my contributions at lostremote.com. One of our members, Lance Dutson, is being sued. As part of my assosciation, I’m posting this link to more information on the MBA site. The MBA has successfully defended nine members in previous suits where deep-pockets try to bully bloggers and curtail free speech in this growing medium.

looking at a great deal of coverage in the past week about the rise in traffic on myspace and other community sites, as well as the rise in what we are calling “citizen journalism,” i am developing a philosophy in content management that for lack of better terms i am calling “the trellis theory.” the situation we have in the news and media industry as we confront the rapid surge in user-contributed content is becoming quite clear. in the industry, we are used to broadcasting our message to the listener/viewer/reader/user. we do have talk back opportunities within our traditional channels of production and distribution of content, such as letters to the editor and call-in radio shows, but we are having[…]