This is a cool AP story about a very interesting find in a Beacon Hill townhouse. Rennovators came across cultural remains that appear to be related to a free black family who lived in the house in the 1840s. They called in archaeologists to give it a good look, and Mary Beaudry and Ellen Berkland are digging the site. My good friend Stefan took Mary, me and some other friends sailing in Maine several years ago, she’s a fantastic historical archaeologist and a great person. Nice to see the press, and even nicer to see private citizens call in archaeologists to document the find.

There’s a new twist in the user-generated content revolution: video games. Microsoft is offering a new software development program so people with relatively basic skills can create their own games for Windows PCs and Xbox 360. Casual games are already taking off in the XBox marketplace, and Activision’s The Movies has made machinima possible for anyone. I’m very, very excited about this move.

ok, so my wife has been hounding me all summer to do this, so i’m doing it. i joined the dc triathletes club and i’m now officially registered to race in the cape henlopen triathlon. the race is a “sprint”, meaning it is short: 500 meter swim – 15 mile bike – 3.1 mile run. most seasoned triathletes will finish this paltry distance in mere moments. my hope is to merely endure. since my role in athletics is pretty much one of out-and-out slapstick, this should be fairly entertaining. stay tuned. tight pants and other spandex is sure to follow as i don the superhero-esque garb of this sport of middle-aged titans… some how, i am suddenly recalling a certain[…]