Dig offers clues to 1840s black family

This is a cool AP story about a very interesting find in a Beacon Hill townhouse. Rennovators came across cultural remains that appear to be related to a free black family who lived in the house in the 1840s. They called in archaeologists to give it a good look, and Mary Beaudry and Ellen Berkland […]

Microsoft XNA framework

Following up on the news item about Microsoft providing tools to develop games for pc and xbox, the XNA Game Studio Express announcement has gone live at Microsoft’s Web site.

Microsoft to offer game development tools for PC and Xbox

There’s a new twist in the user-generated content revolution: video games. Microsoft is offering a new software development program so people with relatively basic skills can create their own games for Windows PCs and Xbox 360. Casual games are already taking off in the XBox marketplace, and Activision’s The Movies has made machinima possible for […]

the timid triathlete

ok, so my wife has been hounding me all summer to do this, so i’m doing it. i joined the dc triathletes club and i’m now officially registered to race in the cape henlopen triathlon. the race is a “sprint”, meaning it is short: 500 meter swim – 15 mile bike – 3.1 mile run. […]

Citizen Media Event

Yesterday, Dan Glilmor hosted the Citizen Media Unconference at Harvard. Check out Doc Searl’s notes and podcasts. as well as the list of attendees here.

the sextant

I’ve recently announced thesextant.org to a couple of maritime news lists and registrations are starting to take off. not much posting yet, but i’m hopeful the site will be useful to the community.