the potential of serious games is really captivating my attention lately. this article on c|net highlights a new game developed by virtue arts where you can ride around on the lunar surface amid artifacts left by previous expeditions.

just learned about the charlottesville off-road triathlon, which was held this year on august 20th. .75 mile swim / 11.5 mile mountain bike / 4 mile trail run. off-road is more my speed, so this may be my focus for next year’s season. meanwhile, my training for the henlopen tri is going pretty well. my times are going to be slow, but i am pretty sure that i will survive it at this point. just about a month to go.

This is pretty cool. A company called Cereplast has developed biodegradable plastic that is based on cornstarch instead of petroleum. Because Cereplast’s plastic is composed of organic material, the items made from it will dissolve in a compost pile in 180 days or less.In a landfill, a plate made from Cereplast’s material might take two or three years to decompose.