Adding to my book club, or rather friends with books to sell, my old buddy Jim Derk has penned his amazing story of how he got his giant family: He went to adopt one, but couldn’t stop until he had six. Check it out and buy a copy:

i got to meet one of my heroes yesterday. i was at the head table at the national press club lunch where ted turner spoke, thanks to a gracious invitation from fellow broadcast taskforcer shawn bullard. here’s a blurry picture i discretely snapped while he was delivering his remarks. he’s a truly unique character. he spoke a bit about media, but focused more on his work with the U.N. Foundation and paid particular attention to global warming. he mentioned that he was very interested in solar energy and that he has no interest in returning to cable or sports. the transcript of his full remarks is available to press club members here. the audio will go out over the XM[…]

i’m still not a triathlete technically. due to to a nor’easter over the weekend, the swim was cancelled so they went with a duathlon format adding a 1.5 mile run to the front end. the good news was i reached my goal and finished the race without walking or stopping. my overall time was 1:54:44 with no penalties, for 307th place. here are my splits: RUN1: 16:40 / pace: 11:07 T1: 1:07 / rank: 297 BIKE: 55:39 / rate: 16.2 T2: 0:52 / rank: 311 RUN2: 40:28 /pace 13:03 TOTAL TIME: 1:54:44 the first place finisher did it in 1:02:54. there were 327 places, and there were around 450 finishers. my second goal was to not come in last or[…]

don’t usually comment on my job here, but something happened this morning that was too ironic not to note. we’re cooking pretty hard and fast on the mark foley scandal story at scripps because of the treasure coast florida properties. we moved a story yesterday on the players involved and received an e-mail that pointed out a small oversite in the lede. the person who sent the e-mail pointing out the error was none other than jayson blair, the infamous plagarist formerly of the new york times.