launches is my wife’s christmas present. please, log in, create a page and start blogging and sharing the things you are doing in your life and community to help make sure all of our kids have a liveable planet in fifty years. then tell your friends, and have them tell their friends. if we can […]

The well-suited correspondent

My friend M.E. Sprengelmeyer, correspondent for the Denver Rocky Mountain News, has recently purchased some very fine suits, second hand, of course. As M.E. readily admits in a column at the Rocky’s site, his fashion sense is what is, but his sense of irony is sharper than a fine tailor’s shears. The suits were once […]

death of a domain

my wife and i thought long and hard about it, but we decided to let our family domain expire when the time came to renew. for a while, i used to put my family information out on this domain since my name site is about me, but then i thought better of it and […]