is my wife’s christmas present. please, log in, create a page and start blogging and sharing the things you are doing in your life and community to help make sure all of our kids have a liveable planet in fifty years. then tell your friends, and have them tell their friends. if we can capture a share of the myspace mojo, we might just make it together. i’m pulling a board together and we’re going to file for non-profit status just after the first of the year, if you want to get more involved, drop me a note. merrry christmas, sweetheart.

My friend M.E. Sprengelmeyer, correspondent for the Denver Rocky Mountain News, has recently purchased some very fine suits, second hand, of course. As M.E. readily admits in a column at the Rocky’s site, his fashion sense is what is, but his sense of irony is sharper than a fine tailor’s shears. The suits were once hand stitched for none other than former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and today, the Washington Post’s Reliable Source delights in their second life. Looking good, buddy… like a million bucks. Of course, having a fine photographer like Thomas Michael Corcoran take your fashion snaps doesn’t hurt.

my wife and i thought long and hard about it, but we decided to let our family domain expire when the time came to renew. for a while, i used to put my family information out on this domain since my name site is about me, but then i thought better of it and decided i wanted to have a little more privacy for my kids and set up the other domain to share our goings on with friends and family. the fuzzy wall was fine for a while. when renewal of the family domain came along, i took a look at where the traffic was coming from and it became easier to make the call.