virtual session men

there was a great piece on last night’s all things considered by jeffery peppers rogers, a musician who records at home on his personal computer. he’s been contracting with session players online, who ship him backing tracks for tunes he’s writing.

upcoming appearance

i’ll be a panelist at the national press club on the morning of april 3 for “New Trends in Electronic Media.” joining me will be Steve Dolge, WTOP’s Internet Operations Manager and Amy Eisman, Director of Writing Programs at American University’s School of Communication. the panel is part of a morning workshop titled “Connecting Reporters […]

polictical pontification

i was recently on a roundtable discussion for the national press club’s XM radio show that was focused on how new media and emerging technology are affecting political campaigns and political coverage. the podcast is available at the press club website if you care to listen.

I can still ollie

Cold but sunny this weekend, Sunday involved an afternoon jaunt to the park so the boys could ride bikes and burn off some energy. As we were pulling the bikes out of the garage, an old friend caught my eye: Leaning on the wall next to my surf board that has gone unused since we […]