oh, how very sad today is. our local market, the historic eastern market on capitol hill, was gutted by an early morning fire. i took pictures this morning and will post them to my flickr account eventually. eastern market is a really unique and wonderful place. some of the merchants have been there for generations, and it is our main source for meat and poultry. the vendors are more than butchers and grocers, they are friends of our families and anchors of our community. we send our best wishes to them all, and hope that the rebuilding is fast.

this morning, i twittered from my phone as i was listening to a cello solo on the radio from WETA while my wife walked one of our boys into school. it is raining today in DC, and as the drops fell softly on the windows and i listened to the music, it was the most peaceful and beautiful moment i have had in at least a week (i’ve been on a fairly taxing business trip). after a day or so to reconnect with my karmic power base that is my family, the music just hit me. when it ended and the announcer said it was mstislav rostropovich and that the famed cellist and conductor had died, it hit me harder.[…]

so, i work for a newspaper company that is also a network television company and an internet company… or is it a cable company that also owns newspapers… or is a floor wax and a dessert topping? well. anyhoo… jeff jarvis blogged about how many trees the newspaper industry is consuming the other day over at buzzmachine. i’ve mentioned before that i consider london, england to be the bellwether of the newspaper industry, it is easily the most competitive and innovative print market in the world. jeff quotes some stats on the consumption of trees by london papers where free tabloids are the big battlefront: Look at the ballpark figures behind the 1.5 million daily papers put out by the[…]

twitter is a funny place. playing around with it today while cleaning up some other chores, i started harvesting some friends. harvesting really feels like the right term, since the only way to get friends is through other friends – really a word of twitter type of set up. as i was trolling around friend lists from people i know, i started finding some celebrity twitters, like stephen colbert, who happens to link to some very interesting twitters attributed to condoleeza rice, homer simpson, darth vader, chewbacca , and of course, santa claus. comedy is rampant in twitteraliasing.

zipped by opposable-thumbs for the first time in a while and was blown away. bob’s playing around with HDR photography. i’d heard about it in passing, but thanks to bob’s links, i started down the rabbit hole into flickr’s HDR group. there is some amazing stuff in there. Talk about surreal.

Saf blogged it over at lostremote today, but we’ve been talking about it for a long time. i’m practically jumping up and down for joy right now, and here’s why: with page views as the main currency in online revenue, online content has been designed around maximizing page views. this means shorter blasts and less meat per bone. i’ve always been interested in longform, high-engagement content, but the deal with producing an experience designed for 30/60/90 minutes has always been getting advertisers into it when all they value and understand are impressions and pvs. sure, myspace is crazy sticky with 2 hour+ sessions, but pvs still rule that roost. when we first saw the massive traffic dive after the launch,[…]