Click below to watch me be interviewed at the DC Web Managers Roundtable event, which was held earlier this week at the National Cable Television Association HQ. The event, which was moderated by Gary Arlen, focused on broadband video and featured speakers from CSPAN and Comcast who shared their observations and experiences. More interviews from the event can be seen here: BBTV

so yeah, i love egyptology. crazy about it. gets me excited. i even blog about it. so when i see that discovery is going to air a blowout on the hatshepsut mummy identification ( Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen : Quest : Discovery Channel), of course i am going to watch. but this one, i got so annoyed that i turned it off after less than a half hour. and that’s not a good thing: i’ve got serious cred in this department: i’m a media professional with an advanced degree in archaeology. i should fall into the stealing baby candy audience category. not usually one to check my own rant-to-type filter, but i have sat on this since it aired[…]

the ever intelligent clive thompson has a good one at wired: These Games Are So Bad, It’s Not Funny basically, we can enjoy bad tv or bad movies for what they are, because they are something we watch, but we can’t enjoy a bad game because it is something we do. this highlights a pretty interesting point for interactive journalists, documentarians, and others who may use gaming technology in serious storytelling. the bar is higher. you need to think harder and do better. when a platform offers you more rope, you can hang yourself with more ease.

this thing is gorgeous. i used to have a les paul that i loved dearly and if i have any regrets, selling it would vie for the top spot. the swamp ash model looks like it is using the studio cut, so it would be lighter to handle too. the one downside with the les paul is that it is a heavy chunk of wood to sling for a night. Buy Gibson Les Paul Swamp Ash Studio Electric Guitar online at Musician’s Friend not really in the budget right now, but at that price, the temptation is pretty high.