somewhat sensational, but not completely unbalanced. still, it is the usual tone of ‘whoo hoo buried treasure.’ while jim delgado from INA is quoted in the piece, they didn’t really get into the treasure hunting vs. archaeology issue. Will Finders Be Keepers of Salvaged Treasure? – funny, they aren’t so kind to poachers. essentially the same business plan. anyway, this quote is particularly absurd: Much of what was recovered was in the form of large, rocklike collections of encrusted coins, weighing an average of 60 pounds apiece and discovered in a “debris field” rather than in a single area that might be the remains of a ship, according to Odyssey’s Nesser. That suggests that people aboard the ship might[…]

Ok — so you look at this link below, you may notice a new name there… mine. :: Faculty & Staff – Faculty Directory ::AU School of Communication I’ve been teaching multimedia journalism as an adjunct at american university for a couple of years now. this summer, we started talking about me joining the faculty full time and i accepted. starting this semester (just a few days from now, really), i am now a professor. i’m really excited about the opportunity. in addition to teaching online and multimedia journalism, i’ll be working with lynne perri, AU’s journalist in residence, to teach the class that operates the school’s online publication, the american observer. i’ll also be working on developing the courses[…]

Will Google Be Destroyed By Open Source Search Engines? – Mobile Blog – InformationWeek doesn’t this have some serious implications? first of all, wikipedia has the hands down best search engine optimization of any site, ever, in history, period. it is consistently in the top ten results of just about any search i ever do. jimmy knows how to game google. so jimmy wants to make an open source search engine. now that’s serious kabookie. in the same way that microsoft basically created a job market for legions of us with their software, there are a lot of online people in the marketplace who’s number one priority is search engine marketing… or, gaming google. google has been the top dog[…]

either that or depressed people do puzzles in the free distro tab from the washington post, express. today was an exception, which is why it jumped out at me. the image from below (yesterday’s edition) is more like it: usually the puzzle page has a rail of ads for depression trials, debt problems and the like. now, conventional wisdom would suggest that since people who do crosswords (like me) and suduko tend to spend a lot of time puzzling over the puzzles, that ad space would be pretty valuable. wouldn’t it? it gets me wondering what the correlation is there? do the marketers have research that shows that puzzlers are a target fit for these messages? wonder what will shortz[…]

great shot of our friends from the neighborhood, dana and henry on the wash times fishwrap blog: henry and loke were great buddies. he’s an awesome dog, smart as a whip, and now quite famous after his other owner, peter, got into a bit of a legal flap over henry’s leashless walking. The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper