so i swung by eastern market to pick up a bunch of dill on the way home tonight and bumped into a massive flim crew making a movie. there’s a camera atop port city java and and a chopper high above. i stuck a few more pics in my flickr account. they’d dressed the market and 7th street to look like amsterdam, according to the reliable sources chat at WaPo the film is ‘Body of Lies’ Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: Submitting early … what are they filming over at Eastern Market this week? Anyone famous we should keep an eye out for? Amy Argetsinger: I do believe that this marks the start of the filming of “Body of Lies,” based[…]

If you were tracking my twitter stream over the weekend, you know that Clara Tyler Johnson was born Thursday, August 30, at Sibley Hospital in Washington DC. She came home over the weekend. a few more photos in my flickr account. even more photos if you are a flickr friend or family member. these are just a few plucked off my phone. haven’t even begun to sift through the real images and video yet. Everyone is doing fine. Thanks to all who have sent best wishes, flowers, casseroles, and liquor. especially the liquor.