Digital Edge Blog – Newspaper Association of America: Advancing Newspaper Media for the 21st Century not just because i was a judge this year, but also because the crop of winners is very, very good. a special nod to the scripps designers (and you know who you are) for their wins in naples and knoxville.

i really want to go to this:CAR Conference: Houston, and even got it approved to only find out that it conflicts with a long-overdue family getaway. of course, i am putting my family first. they have missed me for more than a month of saturdays while i teach the professional weekend program class in flash at AU. but the python/django framework stuff is something i would love to sit with these guys and work with hands-on. classes like these have the great benefit of focusing your time and attention on a subject away from the other distractions and pressing matters of life and work. I’m hoping I can get downloaded another way or that this is offered again sometime.