NAA Digital Edge Winners

Digital Edge Blog – Newspaper Association of America: Advancing Newspaper Media for the 21st Century not just because i was a judge this year, but also because the crop of winners is very, very good. a special nod to the scripps designers (and you know who you are) for their wins in naples and knoxville.

nice media player

saw this in the cp article on wapo and followed it down the rabbit hole. nice flash video player that can handle a wide range of assets. JW FLV Media Player

citypaper on wapo and

I’ve never understood the chip Wemple carries on his shoulder against the post, but never the less, it is an interesting read on the conflicts between new media and core properties. Washington City Paper: Cover Story: One Mission, Two Newsrooms


i really want to go to this:CAR Conference: Houston, and even got it approved to only find out that it conflicts with a long-overdue family getaway. of course, i am putting my family first. they have missed me for more than a month of saturdays while i teach the professional weekend program class in flash […]

great page from mindy

passed on from a colleague down at poynter for training, storing here for reference. another great guide from the always incredible mindy mcadams. Multimedia Journalism for College Educators – Poynter 2008