Vote for top Flash game -golden joystick awards

Vote for top Flash game – Web User News. Jody Smith, editor of, said: “From experimental games, mixed media Flash and interactive video, the shortlisted entries represent the genius of new game-making talent.”

Lost Remote's next new look

Cory pulled a switch on the design and templates on lost remote over the weekend, but it belies a bigger change in the publishing philosophy behind the site. The new layout plays down the blog and plays up the links. Check it out and pass on any comments here or there. Lost Remote: Where TV […]

stunning photographs of pollution

i remember the sunsets that used to burn the sky a flaming pink when we were in galveston, because the oil refinerys inland kicked up so much pollution. these photographs are terrifying in the true sense of of the word. Light Pollution — Photo Gallery — National Geographic Magazine.

Cable's Clout | American Journalism Review

Paul Farhi writes in AJR about the cable networks impact on single issue agenda for other media in covering the presidential campaign. it is a topic i have spoken about to classes before. Cable’s Clout | American Journalism Review.

Politifact Yahoo game

Check halfway down the page for the flash quiz game, powered by Politifact. 2008 Presidential Election on Yahoo! News. hat tip @mattwaite via twitter