Shameless plug for Knight Digital Challenge Votes

So my application for the Knight Digital Challenge made it through to the second round. Here is the link to review, comment and vote for my idea, which is building a SimCity/Civilization version of Washington DC with real data that operates in real time and is fed by rss news feeds from regional correspondents to […]

MikeSacks » photos of TV

This is brilliant.  file it in the man i wish i had thought of that category. hat tip to the insomniac @liz_foreman. MikeSacks » photos of TV.

MLB Front Office Manager First Look

3.5 million people play fantasy baseball, some spending up to three hours a day managing their teams. This is the target audience of the latest 2K baseball game, an in-depth experience as a general manager of a major league franchise. MLB Front Office Manager First Look – Xbox 360 News at GameSpot.

Brit Hume, not good

Great article at Salon today echoes my feelings from watching the election coverage last night. I watched Fox News for five hours last night | Salon News. Reportedly, Hume is packing it in after this election night, and wow, is journalism going to miss his special brand of objectivity. I’m being sarcastic. And when I […]

A busy day at the FCC

If you know me, you know I am all about the FCC and airwaves. Interesting news today: FCC clears Google-backed plan on airwaves use FCC to probe pricing policies of cable, Verizon F.C.C. to Open Radio Spectrum