So my application for the Knight Digital Challenge made it through to the second round. Here is the link to review, comment and vote for my idea, which is building a SimCity/Civilization version of Washington DC with real data that operates in real time and is fed by rss news feeds from regional correspondents to interpret the raw data sources from GAO and Thomas. For the People – Knight2008Applications. It is a seriously serious game, seeking to elevate news games by tapping one of the most successful genres, and proving a hypothesis that that genre has unwittingly evolved a powerful tool for analysis and information.

So, I’m a netflix customer, and I maybe watch like one movie a month because I am busy. When I heard that I was going to be able to watch streaming videos from netflix over my xbox, I was pretty psyched. It would fit my life better than planning for the mail and waiting. Well, after I went through the upgrade and all that. I find out I need to upgrade to a gold account to use netflix on my xbox. That’s an extra $7.99 a month on top of what I fork out for netflix already. Sorry folks, but that’s sucky. Netflix needed to build that cost into the streaming service, and recapture it from saving on postage. And[…]

Great article at Salon today echoes my feelings from watching the election coverage last night. I watched Fox News for five hours last night | Salon News. Reportedly, Hume is packing it in after this election night, and wow, is journalism going to miss his special brand of objectivity. I’m being sarcastic. And when I say sarcastic, I mean, watching him last night made me throw up in my mouth, and not a little. His reaction and pithy commentary to the sponaneous demonstation/celebration outside the White House last night was beyond awful. To be honest, I’ve got issues with MSNBC’s blue drift as well in terms of objective journalism. Mathews and Olberman have crossed lines that should have news directors[…]