wii pwns xbox in 2008 sales

but the titles aren’t all there. an interesting discovery that the wii’s more natural controller appeals outside the gamer spectrum and attracts noobs of all ages. Console Wars: Who Won ’08? – Video Game Feature – Yahoo! Video Games. it is encouraging that new interfaces and controllers open up new creativity in production, play and […]

Wfhb live holiday show

Dec 21, catch it online: LIVE Streaming On The Web through our website at http://www.wfhb.org Two hours of music, comedy, and an all-time classic radio play: Norman Corwin’s THE PLOT TO OVERTHROW CHRISTMAS Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Newspaper problems are in advertising, not content

I commented on this post over in seekingAlpha today, as did the ever smart Jay Small. The poster misses the boat as many do when talking about the newspaper industry crisis. It isn’t about the content, at least not completely. It IS about the advertising. Classified ads are where the newspaper business model makes the […]