Rocketboom’s founder posts this opinion on the immediate future of studio production. I’m not sure I agree, and have posted some pretty strong evidence over at that show tv ads are still winning on many levels. Also recent findings that web series have a very hard time sustaining production and holding audience. ZeShow and rocketboom and a handful of others are counter to this, but it is a tough period ahead.

Courtney Sherwood, CAR journalist from the Pacific northwest attended a Portland area News innovation barcamp, much like the one I took my weekend master’s program class to a few weeks ago here in DC. She posts an idea about creating a business model on a data center at a newspaper that would provide advice to local businesses. It is interesting and reminds me an idea i pitched several years ago to a newspaper group about creating a data service layer backend for local businesses that would help them manage inventory and book-keeping and other tasks, that would have direct ties to a self-service classified, local and national adword, banner, auction and other advertising platforms. The push back I got was[…]