Light At The End of the Tunnel | Rosenblum TV

The videos that a newspaper does should, on the whole, reflect the intellectual sensibilities of that newspaper. That is, a newspaper known for intelligent, in-depth reporting, quality writing, features, and a point of view, should probably carry that philosophy and tradition over into their online videos. Readers of the paper will have little trouble transiting […]

More on the bank plan – Paul Krugman Blog –

Now, early on in this crisis, it was possible to argue that it was mainly a panic. But at this point, that’s an indefensible position. Banks and other highly leveraged institutions collectively made a huge bet that the normal rules for house prices and sustainable levels of consumer debt no longer applied; they were wrong. […]

Verizon doesn't understand simple math – Boing Boing

Verizon told George Vaccaro that bandwidth charges in Canada were .002 cents per kilobyte, but billed him at .002 dollars, or 100 times as much as he was quoted. But Verizon customer service insists there’s no difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents. Here’s the recording of the call. George was incredibly patient with the […]

iGames Summit 2009

check out the haps at iGames Summit 2009. because you’re cool, you have an iphone and you play games. or you want to be cool and make games for iphones and have a blackberry because you have big clumsy fingers, like me.

Gillmor's paid news idea on Boing Boing

Dan posted this over at Boing Boing today: Paying for News: A Mega-Merger Thought Experiment – Boing Boing. My comment that i posted: @dan — ummmm…. yahoo newspaper consortium? @GMOKE — the begging bowl you’re describing is pretty much the model of public media like npr and pbs. we’ve got that, and it fills a […]

The State of the News Media 2009 report The State of the News Media 2009. so much for the magazine industry. and so much for the conventional wisdom that online news is to blame for unawareness. more and more people are turning to cable, so information literacy is clearly in that sphere for now.