D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-29 http://ff.im/3nITW # hey tweeps been plugging and plugging things all day, not all computer werk is typing # @sammeddis this one’s for healy’s question: http://tinyurl.com/n5v8qn # just uncoupled my twitter/friend feed stream from facebook. # Coding a Clean Web 2.0 Style Web Design from Photoshop http://ff.im/3olEB # 10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter http://ff.im/3olED # Useful Glossaries For Web Designers and Developers | Developer’s Toolbox | Smashing Magazine http://ff.im/3olMd # 100.000+ Free Fonts Mega Compilation | tripwire magazine http://ff.im/3olMe # my first contri for poynter’s emedia tidbits: http://bit.ly/44ldUf # David hey tweeps been plugging and plugging things all day, not all computer werk is typing. http://ff.im/3on2Y # Lightbox Image Editor http://ff.im/3ovLN # Top 18[…]

Remember Everything. | Evernote Corporation http://ff.im/3lqpG # Omniture Launches Facebook Application Analytics for Brands http://ff.im/3lqpI # ExpressionEngine – Publish Your Universe! http://ff.im/3lqpH # No more excuses: a list of references to learn how to use color (Visuale) http://ff.im/3lrqf # Twitter and the Oprah Effect | Network Solutions – Small business conversations and working together for small… http://ff.im/3lt4c # Obama | One People http://ff.im/3lt4b # D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-28 http://ff.im/3luAc # Dabble DB – Create an Online Database – Collect, report, and share your data http://ff.im/3lvF2 # Magic/Replace – Data Cleanup for Everyone from Dabble DB http://ff.im/3lvFX # #usatau innovation teams are presenting the ideas they’ve cooked up during the seminar to the judges panel of execs # @onemoreryan ha![…]

RT @slashdot: Beginning Python Visualization http://tinyurl.com/qyowe3 # @ajturner if mcdonalds has stopped serving breakfast, it is drinking time. in reply to ajturner # RT @briansolis: Introducing The Twitterverse, a map of Twitter tools http://bit.ly/ogwkT (pls share & comment) #twitterverse #tc140 # gonna lay down some serious bass # Playing 20Q w/ @hatchjt and sammy on the way to usatoday. She’s tough. # talking twitter and social media at usatoday setting hash tag as #usatau # if you’re in the building and a tweeter, come on down and say hi #usatau # should writers respond to comment threads on their stories on news sites? #usatau # @WPLauraCochran hey, come say hi if you get a chance in reply to WPLauraCochran #[…]

Here’s the first three grafs from a story in the New York Times. Before you are even done reading the lede graf, if you are like me, you already know what the third graf is going to say… wait for it… wait for it…. They do it late at night when their parents are asleep. They do it in restaurants and while crossing busy streets. They do it in the classroom with their hands behind their back. They do it so much their thumbs hurt. Spurred by the unlimited texting plans offered by carriers like AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless, American teenagers sent and received an average of 2,272 text messages per month in the fourth quarter of 2008, according[…]

RT @stevenfisherJoe Pulizzi – Everyone is a Publisher todayhttp://cli.gs/jEnH0u # watching network tv. weird. # Penguins cleared out the canes with a broom. Looks like the deadwings are gonna roll into the final. Hope they put up a fight. # writer’s almanac informs today is john cheever’s birthday; thanks to seinfeld, i can never hear his name without chuckling. # @agahran #drupal has a number of modules for mobi and also has good reader recognition and css delivery in reply to agahran # Powered by Twitter Tools.

very intersting observations on the recent web 3.0 confab at the ever amazing RWW. a lot of money people and investors were there looking for the next big thing. the three areas that popped out were: Scientific/technical/medical (STM) publishing, Market research information created from random social media chatter, Improved advertising relevance. all good things that i am very interested in. the STM segment got the pull quote: Scientific/Technical/Medical Publishing Open-source data will disrupt traditional data publishing — in particular and immediately STM publishing — similar to how open-source software disrupted the software industry. STM publishing is a market worth more than $10 billion, so this is significant. Similar forces will play out in financial, legal, and other data-rich industries, but[…]

Robert Niles has a great post wrapping up this past weekend’s entrepreneurial journalism summit at KDMC: Journalists must emerge from a culture of failure in order to survive. having just led a group of journalists through a very heated discussion on business planning and modeling at USA Today, i was glad to find it.

@jdcoffman i think drupal is too much for a personal site, wp is more convenient. in reply to jdcoffman # Heading into @usatoday for a few days of innovation talks and seminars # Enough with the Czars already!!! RT @slashdot: White House To Appoint “Internet Czar” http://tinyurl.com/pys2a2 # obama data visualization at MIT is blowing my mind. excellent http://bit.ly/3x3Abx #inaug09 # @jayrosen_nyu @ryansholin bug tracker is a great idea: could it be a flag on a comment? or are you thinking more like a cvs? in reply to jayrosen_nyu # RT @sammeddis: #socialmedia: 20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know http://bit.ly/m6neQ # Powered by Twitter Tools.