D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-31

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-30 http://ff.im/3pBio # David is thinking some fb/twitter friends got pwned with this video thing. http://ff.im/3pNUX # Powered by Twitter Tools.

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-30

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-29 http://ff.im/3nITW # hey tweeps been plugging and plugging things all day, not all computer werk is typing # @sammeddis this one’s for healy’s question: http://tinyurl.com/n5v8qn # just uncoupled my twitter/friend feed stream from facebook. # Coding a Clean Web 2.0 Style Web Design from Photoshop http://ff.im/3olEB # 10 Ways to […]

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-29

Remember Everything. | Evernote Corporation http://ff.im/3lqpG # Omniture Launches Facebook Application Analytics for Brands http://ff.im/3lqpI # ExpressionEngine – Publish Your Universe! http://ff.im/3lqpH # No more excuses: a list of references to learn how to use color (Visuale) http://ff.im/3lrqf # Twitter and the Oprah Effect | Network Solutions – Small business conversations and working together for […]

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-28

RT @slashdot: Beginning Python Visualization http://tinyurl.com/qyowe3 # @ajturner if mcdonalds has stopped serving breakfast, it is drinking time. in reply to ajturner # RT @briansolis: Introducing The Twitterverse, a map of Twitter tools http://bit.ly/ogwkT (pls share & comment) #twitterverse #tc140 # gonna lay down some serious bass # Playing 20Q w/ @hatchjt and sammy on […]

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-27

RT @stevenfisherJoe Pulizzi – Everyone is a Publisher todayhttp://cli.gs/jEnH0u # watching network tv. weird. # Penguins cleared out the canes with a broom. Looks like the deadwings are gonna roll into the final. Hope they put up a fight. # writer’s almanac informs today is john cheever’s birthday; thanks to seinfeld, i can never hear […]

Why the Web 3.0 Conference Was a Success

very intersting observations on the recent web 3.0 confab at the ever amazing RWW. a lot of money people and investors were there looking for the next big thing. the three areas that popped out were: Scientific/technical/medical (STM) publishing, Market research information created from random social media chatter, Improved advertising relevance. all good things that […]

Journalists must emerge from a culture of failure in order to survive

Robert Niles has a great post wrapping up this past weekend’s entrepreneurial journalism summit at KDMC: Journalists must emerge from a culture of failure in order to survive. having just led a group of journalists through a very heated discussion on business planning and modeling at USA Today, i was glad to find it.

D@J on Twitter for 2009-05-26

@jdcoffman i think drupal is too much for a personal site, wp is more convenient. in reply to jdcoffman # Heading into @usatoday for a few days of innovation talks and seminars # Enough with the Czars already!!! RT @slashdot: White House To Appoint “Internet Czar” http://tinyurl.com/pys2a2 # obama data visualization at MIT is blowing […]