Interesting find, reminds me of a conversation I was having just a few weeks ago with a game designer named Vance. We were talking about the advancement of narrative in games, or lack thereof following a discussion we had with high school students in his game design seminar at AU’s summer program. They held that RPGs had great stories, because the point of the game was to imagine a storyline (or play pretend), while games derived from movies or franchise titles were more about action. There was only one girl in the group, btw. Vance mentioned that the lead on a recent Tomb Raider title kept fighting off the story to keep the game “playable.” I theorized that while titles[…]

writing visual basic macros for microsoft office. # @annatauzin me=jealous in reply to annatauzin # RT @freakonomics: A Different Kind of Teacher Cheating: Ubiquitous in classrooms, PowerPoint makes lecturing easy,boring # @acarvin does npr have a story on the righteous brothers and "that loving feeling" to add to the lost items on the 404 page? in reply to acarvin # watching scroll on #hc09 – still seeking proof that people know issues or if media covers only politics #healthmediachallenge # David writing visual basic macros for microsoft office. # David RT @freakonomics: A Different Kind of Teacher Cheating: Ubiquitous in classrooms, PowerPoint makes lecturing… # David watching scroll on #hc09 – still seeking proof that people know[…]

I’ve been following the hashtag #hc09 on twitter to eavesdrop on the zeitgeist for the raging healthcare debate as congress runs at breakneck speed to avoid the issue before going on summer vacation August recess. Having been monitoring coverage of the health care debate closely for a few days now, it is clear that news media is universally covering the debate with precious little context or depth in the actual issues or proposed plans. This is another classic method of latter-twentieth-century journalism: covering politics as theater or sports. At the heart of most good stories is conflict. Journalists are taught this, and therefore find the red vs. blue angle easy to use to tell a story about a current event.[…]

fixed the garbage disposal and the imagemagick bug. not bad # what's the best wordpress plugin for membership management or community building? # @newzmaven that link is from technorati – the twitter feeds of their top 100 blogs. in reply to newzmaven # 22 futures of journalism, 2009 timeline # i know i'm cranking when the CTS in my right elbow starts twinging. ow. gotta do something about that someday. # @mediatwit most reporters who interview me for media/twitter stories have similar premise. reflects poorly on journo thinking by journos. in reply to mediatwit # @Slate story lacks context, fails to mention factory farm environmental damage and also ignores antibiotics. bad journalism, sensational. in reply to Slate # Kojo[…]

This brief wire report, while taking the time to discuss the economic market of organic food, completely lacks context to frame the sensational claim made in the unfortunately written headline and lede. It is a classic example of a lazy report story, one of the failures of latter-twentieth-century school of journalism thought. Organic food is no healthier, study finds Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over ordinary food, according to a major study published Wednesday. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said consumers were paying higher prices for organic food because of its perceived health benefits, creating a global organic market worth an estimated $48 billion in 2007. A systematic review of 162 scientific[…]

Twitter summary for 2009-07-28 # Twitter summary for 2009-07-28 # morris is using drupal, lots of big sites using ellington/django (scripps, wapo) # Intern Edition @NPR is looking and sounding really good. nice work @annatauzin @NPRInterns # follow @bdresher as he presents info on how USAT is using twitter. #twit4pubs # @corbett3000 @acarvin @jdcoffman #pubcamp sounds like something AU's CSM would be way into. talking to them? in reply to corbett3000 # WordPress Themes, Free WordPress Themes – SEO Design™ New York Web Design # Social Journalism: Curate the Real-Time Web » Publish2 Blog # Media: National Public Radio's Digital Makeover | Newsweek Business | # Top Blogs on Twitter – Huffington Post,[…]

Facebook Comes to Washington: Tim Sparapani distinguished himself as a civil liberties attorney in legal battles over privacy. Now he’s the public policy director for Facebook – a company sitting on mountains of personal information from users located across the globe. Kojo talks with him about how Facebook intends to define itself in Washington and how social networking sites will factor into the public policy debates of the future. via WAMU 88.5 FM American University Radio – The Kojo Nnamdi Show for Tuesday July 28, 2009.

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