The Font War: Ikea Fans Fume over Switch to Verdana – TIME

Over its 60 years, Ikea has built a reputation as a purveyor of inexpensive but stylish home furnishings, selling everything from leather sofas to chrome toilet-bowl cleaners. Branding has been a large part of the Swedish chain’s success — what urban dweller today, whether in Atlanta or Kuala Lumpur, doesn’t recognize that bright blue warehouse, […]

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Michael Wolff on Politico |

Politico’s writers and editors do several hundred cable appearances a week. They are becoming a one-stop source for Washington news. Politico is like an old newswire, except that it is more specialized, and focused, and fast—and it has faces. And, more important, it’s free—and, unlike the teeth-gnashing old-line news companies, it has no plans or […]

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Twitter summary for 2009-08-28 # The Future Of News Is Scarcity | paidContent # An extremely expensive cover story — with a new way of footing the bill » Nieman Journalism Lab # MediaShift . Newspaper Editors Want Clear Credit When Bloggers Link to Them | PBS # Twitter summary for […]

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RT @mocoNews: FCC Officially Looking Into Wireless Industry Practices—Regulation May Be Coming # RT @newsuniversity: #nuwebinar We have scrubbed our free event today because of a Adobe Connect server issue. Worked earlier; crashed … # wish clicking hash tags in #tweetdeck opened search columns instead of web pages to # heard rumor that […]

The Future Of News Is Scarcity | paidContent

this is one of the best articles i’ve seen on this in a long time. The successful news company of the future will have to take all this on board and deliver it with a radically lower cost base than this industry is used to. In the digital world, the news industry, like many others, […]

Mortgage Meltdown is a very cool news game

I hadn’t been by addicting games for a while, but this was a pleasant find there. Mortgage Meltdown – Free Strategy Game from AddictingGames!. I started mentioning news games at Addicting games years ago. Most of their games fell into what I called the political cartoon category, and I was making the case in my […]

AU SOC Interactive Journalism MA is 10 years old

While many journalism schools are scrambling to revamp and revise their programs today, it is pretty astounding that American University’s SOC has offered a masters in Interactive Journalism since 1999. A nimble and dynamic curriculum that adapts to the latest changes in our dynamic area assures that degree is as fresh and current today as […]