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Scott Karp posted this as part of the conversation of the NYT article on newspaper online advertising. Hits many of the points I’ve been talking about and trying to get across: Display advertising isn’t more valuable when placed next to premium content because display advertising has so LITTLE value to begin with. In fact, display advertising creates so little consumer value that it actually SUBTRACTS value from high quality editorial content when placed next it. Ever see those belly fat ads on top tier news sites? Dancing Martians lowering your mortgage payments? Whiten your teeth? It’s a total train wreck. So what’s a high-end brand publisher to do? The answer is to offer advertising solutions that give advertisers the opportunity[…]

While at the CIO Perspectives Forum here in Washington, DC last week, I was wondering about what kind of role CIOs should play at news organizations. Their organizations may already use them as I am thinking (at least I hope). However, it is important to note that in an October 2008 white paper titled “The CIO Profession: Leaders of change, drivers of innovation” IBM reports that most organizations mainly view and use CIOs as implementers and not as strategists. Hopefully, news organizations turn to CIOs for planning and strategy and not just technical execution. Of course, a CIO with a journalism background could help even more; Adrian Holovaty is so innovatively partly since he has a background in both programming[…]

But price is not the only draw of networks — they also focus on who sees the ad. Mercedes, for example, plans to route its ads for its basic cars next year to people with household income of more than $75,000 or those whose leases are about to expire — a much more specific audience than, say, people visiting The Washington Post’s auto site. And as long as an ad looks good, it does not matter whether it runs on a fancy site or a lower-end site, some research indicates. “By far the most important thing for driving success is the quality of the ad,” followed by aiming at an audience, said Ken Mallon, senior vice president for custom solutions[…]