Cheers to my high school alma mater for winning the IHSAA Class 3A state football championship over the weekend. Coach Marshall Overly cut his teeth as the defensive coach for the team that I played on as a member of the “Valley Club.” Couldn’t happen to a greater guy. Congrats to all: LS/ RDP/ DDDD Red Devils reign | | Journal and Courier.

RT @corbett3000: The Terra Cotta Warriors are invading! Tweet this link: to win a trip to view the emperor's army # @JamesGRobertson your #turkeypardon piece for natgeo news watch is great. in reply to JamesGRobertson # @TammiM it will be a madhouse this weekend, better to wait it out a bit. in reply to TammiM # Anxious for snow to start falling out east. Wash state and idaho seem to be only places with any coverage. # annual lincoln park thanksgiving playtime at 10am # @darthvader #starwarsthanksgiving is hilarious # Audio on the packers lions game is just great. Balance and capture on field really adds to sense of closeness. # Turkey on the grill, halftime, missing my[…]

@annatauzin yeah, flu crappy, but starting to feel better now. kids are germ factories. in reply to annatauzin # @thehillishome someone tried to rob mrs calomaris at eastern market, and she and her son thwarted the ruffian! # home from shopping at eastern market with @gabriellaboston, rainy cold and a lovely time. now geeking on fonts before picking up clara at 1 # just got clara down for nap, hour or so til gab brings the boys home. time to brine a turkey, gonna grill it using the peach tree wood. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Sunlight Labs, one of my new favorite data groups, has partnered with Google, RedHat, Mozilla, and several others to get the open source community involved in open government projects. They’re calling it the Great American Hackathon and it’s happening December 12-13. For those unfamiliar with Sunlight, it’s an organization that promotes open government data and transparency, and they fund technology projects mainly online apps that move this idea forward. via Join the Great American Hackathon | FlowingData.