From the beginning, the profitability and viability of popular Facebook social networking games Mafia Wars and Farmville were predicated on the backs of scams, boasts Zynga CEO Mark Pincus in this video. “I did every horrible thing in the book just to get revenues,” he crows in the clip to a gathered bunch of fellow scumbag app developers. In games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, YoVille and Vampires Live, you know, some of the major sources of all those garbage announcements cluttering up your Facebook, players compete to complete missions and level up. By leveling up, you can complete more difficult missions and fight off weaker opponents. You can wait for your various energies to regenerate naturally over time, or you[…]

comedians work with humor to give us reality checks, and current events, politics and the media have always been great material for them. Mark Twain was in print, Will Rogers in radio and film but, if they had video editing in our culture of broadcast and online news — Jon Stewart is moving the ball forward. Jon Stewart Catches Hannity Using Fake Rally Footage. everyone please keep this in mind – especially with all the text stories and photos about the massive town hall protests over health care that happened in august. were they massive, or just massively over reported instances of individuals or small groups in small settings. i wasn’t there, so i don’t know, how about you?

so ipod and iphone are deeply in touch with touch surface computing, but windows 7 appears to be shooting stronger for the tablet and surface device model. here’s a usa today article discussing how the new windows os is very touchy feely Multitouch, or the ability to manipulate the display screen with one or more fingers, is built directly into Microsoft’s latest operating system. “We believe in touch,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says. You’ll need hardware with special touch-capable screens. Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and other PC makers have or will shortly trot out touch-ready computers with Windows 7. With the technology fused into Windows 7, PC companies and software developers can apply their[…]

Microsoft’s gaming subsidiary Massive Inc. has partnered with Web measurement firm comScore in an effort to bring more standardization to the still-evolving in-game advertising industry.As part of the arrangement between the two companies, Massive will now be able to provide advertisers with tangible data on the direct impact of their in-game ad campaigns. Specifically, Massive and comScore have jointly developed a research methodology that will help brands track visits to their Web sites or search queries that result from in game ad campaigns- — by matching Massive’s ad serving data with information from comScore’s existing Internet audience panel.The hope, according to Massive general manager J.J. Richards, is to make companies more comfortable with in-game advertising by incorporating more familiar and[…]

The New York Times has published a story about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” by Lindsey Hoshaw that was funded in part through the “community funded journalism” site Spot.Us, which helped Hoshaw raise $10,000 from more than 100 people so she could report the story. via New York Times publishes community-funded journalism.