saw this retweeted a lot yesterday, so i wanted to check it out. Promising online news organizations – The hunt is on | Knight Digital Media Center. i think it is an admirable and well- intentioned effort, and i realize it is just getting started. i wanted to post this comment, but it didn’t quite work out right. so here: michelle – i’d like to call your attention to – a micro/hyperlocal blog covering DC’s capitol hill communities. beyond that most people think of capitol hill only as the AP W category, it is interesting in how it is working not only with the very active blogging community but also with the local free weekly neighborhood paper –[…]

Scandinavian saying: there's no bad weather, only bad clothing choices. # @BaghdadBrian @emjacobi one of the nicer things about a clever turn of phrase is that it can have many meanings to many receivers. # @ladansusan @russchoma we're not out of the woods, but there's light. more flexible skills courses, more convergence, and strong scholarship # @jczamora question on knc submissions, do new uploaded attachments kick the old ones off? in what order? # @berkod i contend that if holden caufield were done today, the "phonies" would be "douchebags" in reply to berkod # @mattwaite drooooooooool in reply to mattwaite # cool! @jimbradysp snags buttry. RT @stevebuttry: DC & opportunity knocks. # the building interactive sites class is on[…]

@will_koper there are a number of twitter tracking tools in addition to trending topics on – check here in reply to will_koper # my etch-a-sketch is monocrome, i want an #ipad color upgrade # lonely newton ISO #ipad for may-december romance, walks on beach, old movies. could @mashable be the one? # @yelvington – would you be interested/available in a short skype call about augusta #drupal for my class friday afternoon after 2pm? # Giving speech on how social media gives voice to the voiceless at the kay spiritual life center # Luncheon hashtag is #kaytt for kay table talk @emjacobi starts off # i celebrate the life of jd salinger, and thank him for holden[…]

I'm at American University (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Nebraska Ave NW, Washington). # @macloo @patrickbeeson @jounotoolbox – depends methinks, netbooks w/ enough ram and speed can do audio/vid/pic editing – but…. # @macloo @patrickbeeson @jounotoolbox …priority in the field is capture – if you're editing, you're not recording what's happening # student journalists: today is the deadline to submit work for spj awards: # two words: holo projector. #appletabletrumorijuststarted # hmmmph… iPad. i was hoping for winesap, or nittany, or some new apple flavor to go with macintosh. or maybe iPie.. mmm, apple iPie. # @kensands we've been waiting for e-paper for more than a decade now. in reply to kensands # gonna be waiting on v2 (or[…]

I'm at scripps howard news service # @ghostdawg1 yep, i always root for the home teams of the city i'm in. think global, act local. in reply to ghostdawg1 # everyone who suggested a blogging/group/community for the class (ning, etc) – we're going to try tumblr. thanks for all the suggestions. # @will_koper nice catch. in reply to will_koper # @kjam kjamistan is totally slaying me. i need to become mayor of davidsmomrovia in reply to kjam # the oatmeal takes on the semicolon – not to be missed. # RT @cfnoble: Hello, paradigm shift: 20M watch Hope for Haiti online, 16M watch broadcast. # watching clara fall asleep can really help destress #

Disclosure: I helped start this hyperlocal blog over the summer, and continue to host it and consult with Kate and her very able crew. Nice to see this piece recognizing their great work: Folks in Capitol Hill really love their neighborhood. Whether it’s touting the greatness of Eastern Market or raving about the recent influx of restaurants to the area, there is a lot of pride to be found among the inhabitants of the Hill. But while the trendy and family-friendly enclave is a happening place to live now, it wasn’t always that way. Ten or so years ago, sections of the Hill were no-go zones for house hunting and even walking at night. “Where I live now couldn’t possibly[…]