I'm at American University (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Nebraska Ave NW, Washington). http://4sq.com/7uuOmh # @chrisabraham there's stiff competition for mayor of AU, was recently ousted as mayor of the tune inn, which i look forward to earning back in reply to chrisabraham # have a ton of screen grabs of yesterday's health care summit and hope to do a piece for @poynter, but time is very crunched today. # @myersnews do you want me to send you the images and some notes? in reply to myersnews # @myersnews you've got mail in reply to myersnews # @harrisj #nerdshame i find your lack of faith disturbing. @macdivaona you still have much to learn. a ticket to degobah for you. in reply[…]

I'm at American University (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Nebraska Ave NW, Washington) w/ 2 others. http://4sq.com/7uuOmh # #wjchat folks interested in how code and journalism work best, follow @pihofer remarks right now at #tmcmtg as tweeted by @beyondbroadcast # nice presentation! RT @huffingtonpost: Best place to watch the Health Care Summit — video and tons of on-topic tweets: http://bit.ly/camZ9E # having written a number of heds with "probe" in them, i smirked guiltily at these jay leno style groaners on huffpost http://bit.ly/dBoHqs # sunlight using cover it live for #hcs http://bit.ly/9v9IEv, top down conversation differs from bottom up vox populi tweets at huffpost # @evanbanks getting ideas for #amforum ? in reply to evanbanks # @romenesko 20% of columnists are[…]

This is an excellent article that discusses newspapers not from the perspective of “saving journalism” but for saving advertising and publishing from a user experience perspective. Must read. Sign of the Times: For Newspapers to Survive, They Must Put Users First | Design Pragmatist | Fast Company.

@jasonbartz http://bit.ly/bNz5Xh in reply to jasonbartz # @jayrosen_nyu good point. what would that mean john meachum's pulitzer for American Lion? in reply to jayrosen_nyu # sites need historic register status. RT @KristenNicole2: Youtube pulls original “Rickroll” video after 30 million views http://post.ly/POwU # tuning into #wjchat a bit late hi all, i'm a prof of multimedia and interactive journalism at AU SOC # #wjchat Q6 cannon G7, flipcam, macbook pro, blackberry curve w/ qik & flickr & posterous # @10000words writing is no 1. it all starts there: project plans, outlines, cover letters, heds, ledes, blurbs. and learn to REPORT. #wjchat in reply to 10000Words # learning programming is critical to innovation and survival. if journos don't create platforms, mission[…]

ReadWriteWeb profiles the tech startup community in Washington DC in a piece posted today. While DC is a whole country away from the Silicon Valley’s resources of technology professionals, there are plenty of reasons why being inside the beltway is a good place for online entrepreneurs right now. Says Peter Corbett, “By being in the nation’s capital you gain a perspective on ‘how things work’ to a much greater degree than anywhere else. By combining knowledge of government, politics, global NGOs and the technology community, we’re able to see opportunities that just aren’t visible if you’re not here day to day.” via Never Mind the Valley: Here’s Washington DC – ReadWriteStart.

@NewspaperGrl please share it if you find it. mediapost may have something close in reply to NewspaperGrl # @NewspaperGrl thnx! in reply to NewspaperGrl # @Katrinskaya haven't built it yet, but we're scoping out the mother of all public policy games http://bit.ly/bn9Wi2 in reply to Katrinskaya # @chrisbrogan journalists don't "create" content – journalists report what is happening, document and interpret it. http://bit.ly/cKaYKl # I'm at Dubliner Restaurant & Pub (520 N Capitol St NW, Massachusetts Ave, Washington). http://4sq.com/4TmXwV # @adchalet http://bit.ly/bn9Wi2 #