Twitter Summary # @newmediajim any chance i can get you over to AU sometime to talk about your experience and success with old and new media? in reply to newmediajim # @newmediajim how do your wednesday mornings usually look? i have a class from 9 – 2 that i'd love for you to meet. in reply to newmediajim # wah. my carpal tunnel is really painful today # does it make sense to fund a project to build an iphone app for poor folk to do crowd journalism, when poor folk can't afford iphones? # reality checks: avg household income is $48k. iphones cost $1.5k a year. 40pct of iphone owners make over $100K/year # there are approx. 6.4[…]

Twitter Summary # i have not had regular email on address since march 18th. if i haven't replied, i haven't got it. # 10 Best PHP Tutorials To Improve Your Skills # Free Printable Sketching, Wireframing and Note-Taking PDF Templates – Smashing Magazine # @mattmansfield and I were looking at an ONADC meetup at AUSOC in may. @burtherman @greglinch @hackshackers (cc @jenny8lee @brianboyer) # @mattmansfield shoot the moon, man! in reply to mattmansfield #

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Twitter Summary # Office hours delayed this AM by one hour. Please DM or SMS to reach me. # Best Practices For Bulletproof E-Mail Delivery – Smashing Magazine # Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs # today's building interactive sites class features guest speaker @technosailor # au mailservers have been up and down all week and i am not getting mail – hit me at davidjohnsonau(at) # @PostOpinions @krauthammer we already are, but distributed over income, state, property, sales, withholds, etc. and we get less for the $. in reply to PostOpinions # getting a sneak peek at some backend features of the coming wordpress 3.0 super groovy. # awesome class on wordpress and generous q&a[…]

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Twitter Summary # I'm at American University (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Nebraska Ave NW, Washington). # @chrisabraham Vasa is a ship, a boat is a smaller watercraft that can be carried on another larger watercraft. in reply to chrisabraham # @richgor thnx. will have to up my h4xor quotient in my l33t tweets in reply to richgor # Watching AU ladies lacrosse play GMU with kids. Nice sunny afternoon. # Coming sooner or later? No rush, just checking in. smooch. #

Twitter Summary # @pachecod oligarchy in reply to pachecod # CSS in Depth: Floats and Positions | Spyre Studios # 10 examples of futuristic CSS3 techniques # Everything you need to know about HTML5 video and audio – Opera Developer Community # CSS In Depth Part 3: All About Text | Spyre Studios # WordPress functions.php Template with 15 Essential Custom Functions | Digging into WordPress # WordPress functions.php Template with 15 Essential Custom Functions | Digging into WordPress # CSS In Depth Part 1: Margins, Padding & The Box Model | Spyre Studios # @patrickbeeson tcpalm did it weekly in 99 >;-P in reply to patrickbeeson # Scrolling and Attention (Jakob[…]