DCFD Engine Co 20 fights a car fire outside Wilson High School http://post.ly/dwxG # DCFD Engine Co 20 fights a car fire outside Wilson High School [pic] http://ff.im/jxZHP # cause vista was a dog. i still prefer xp RT @alvinashcraft: Windows 7 Becomes Microsoft’s Fastest Selling OS in History! http://ff.im/-jxXOm # syp is right, but just barely. habs have 24 stanley cups since 1910 (24%), yankees have 27 world series since 1903 (25.2%) # COVERITLIVE.COM – Home http://ff.im/jy1By # Sunlight Live Recap: How We Did It — Making Government Transparent and Accountable – Sunlight Foundation Blog http://ff.im/jy1Bx # DCFD Engine Co 20 fights a car fire outside Wilson High School http://ff.im/jy1Bv # Poynter Online – E-Media Tidbits http://ff.im/jy1Bw # How[…]

Twitter Summary http://ff.im/jvKcx # I'm at American University (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Nebraska Ave NW, Washington). http://4sq.com/7uuOmh # Learn Python The Hard Way: Learn Python The Hard Way http://ff.im/jwjEj # 40 Useful jQuery Techniques and Plugins – Smashing Magazine http://ff.im/jwk85 # 15 Useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat Sheets | Tutorials http://ff.im/jwmjt # @newmediajim was at the gallery yesterday. sorry i missed you. in reply to newmediajim # @newmediajim my credential is through daily press in reply to newmediajim # Information architecture for news websites http://ff.im/jwBam # Magazine Preview – The Data-Driven Life – NYTimes.com http://ff.im/jwBao # i'm doing a talk tomorrow on covering live events online via video/chat/multimedia – tweet me any examples of great stuff i should note #[…]

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Twitter Summary http://ff.im/jsDEm # @adchalet she's gotta do everything her big brothers do. good times. in reply to adchalet # 50+ Ultimate Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Developers and Designers | Dzinepress http://ff.im/ju0Mm # All There Is To Know About HTML5 and CSS3 | Design your way http://ff.im/ju0Mo # 30 Pure CSS Alternatives to Javascript – Speckyboy Design Magazine http://ff.im/ju0Mq # 12 Elegant, Free & High Quality HTML5+CSS3 Templates | DevSnippets http://ff.im/ju2Jo # Usability Do’s And Don’ts For Interactive Design – Smashing Magazine http://ff.im/ju2Jn # The State of Web Development 2010 | Web Directions http://ff.im/jum2R #

Twitter Summary http://ff.im/jpqGb # I'm at scripps media center # @yelvington i agree 100 percent with that statement. in reply to yelvington # The Imagination Age: Global Collaborative Storytelling Game http://ff.im/jqOn5 # The 16 Coolest Twitter Infographics On The Web (PHOTOS) http://ff.im/jqOn1 # YouTube – Aves Engine – HTML/JavaScript – A Web Game Engine – Sneak Preview http://www.dextrose.com http://ff.im/jqOn3 # From Photoshop to Drupal Theme (DrupalCon San Francisco 2010) http://ff.im/jqOn2 # From Photoshop to Drupal Theme (DrupalCon San Francisco 2010) http://ff.im/jqOn4 # hey professor pals, i'm having a hell of time finding a cap/gown/hood for upcoming commencement. want to buy this time not rent, any tips? # Seems I am not going to be through bedtime rituals before the puck[…]