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In 2002 a startling announcement was made: sales of video games had finally surpassed the movie box office in the U.S. Over the past two years, games have catapulted to an even more impressive level. Farmville, a game that allows players to tend to a virtual farm with their friends in Facebook, is currently played by 70 million people per month. That's one in four Americans. Kleiner Perkins, the legendary venture capital firm, announced that Zynga is the fastest-growing investment they've ever made. To give this some context, consider that Kleiner was the first investor in Google. I believe this trend represents something much bigger than just explosive growth in the gaming industry. For years, many of the world's smartest[…]

I'm at The Hill Preschool (337 north carolina ave se, 4th, District of Columbia). # Speaking today @tedxoilspill (@ Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co w/ @davetroy) # we lose a piece of lousianna wetlands the size of a football field every 45 minutes. #tedxoilspill # @TheOdalisque aww shucks. in reply to TheOdalisque # Dave Gallo of Wood's Hole: If the earth were the size of a basketball, all the water would be the size of a ping pong ball #tedxoilspill # Sylvia Earle profoundly influenced my whole life. What an honor to be in a #TEDxOilSpill session with her. # Thanks to everyone at #TEDxOilSpill for listening today. Honored to have the opportunity to speak about underwater archaeology. #[…]

wrapping up my #tedxoilspill prezzo about shipwrecks and underwater archaeology for tomorrow. tune in at 3:45 pm to see it live. # @HowardKurtz "politics" are the means for societies to make decisions. like "sex," those who seek to make it a dirty word have issues. in reply to HowardKurtz # alka seltzer is the bomb. any medecine that sammy davis jr sings about has to be good. # @andymboyle earbuds, dude. earbuds. and the odds are against the doctor, only 29% make it all the way. in reply to andymboyle # Hillel Cooperman: Legos for grownups # the science news cycle, funny ’cause it’s true # YouTube – Hillel Cooperman: Legos for grownups # A Year at[…]

Twitter Summary # social-media-lab – Listening Experiment Tips # Studio Ghibli to Make Games – # not me. RT @ChrisPirillo: Are educators missing the boat by not using social media tools in the classroom? # back on mac after month-long life on linux. might need to boot up a virtual box instance to ease the transition. # @melander how cool is that! in reply to melander # the @daveweigel broohaha is completely stupid navelgazing journocrap. i'm not sorry for that, nor is comic sans: # Inside Google Books: Google releases 500 scans of Ancient Greek and Latin texts for research # Oil in the Gulf, two months later – The Big Picture –[…]

Twitter Summary # @wimbledon web site is a great layout, but we're missing the big story… when does the epic match resume? # awesome response! thanks!RT @Wimbledon: @darthcheeta not before 3.30 pm today on #Court18 # @directv coverage of wimbledon and french open has eased the pain of all the nationals and capitals blackouts # @chrisabraham just make sure you hold up the three fingers the right way, you inglorious basterd. in reply to chrisabraham # keep seeing the rolling stone mcchrystal story being called a scoop – is that right? or was it a gotcha job? or are gotcha jobs scoops? # @Katrinskaya keep your ears open in elevators and bars. you never know…. in reply[…]

Twitter Summary # Exxon Valdez oil spill: fate and … – Google Books # Educational Resources # Gulf of Mexico shipwrecks # Deepwater WW2 wrecks: Project Update: August 9, 2004 # Research Magazine – The University of Alabama » UA Professor to Explore WWII Shipwrecks that May Hold Key to… # Alaska Oil Spill Response and Cultural Resources # ERMA gulf response real time mapping from UNH # @angelialevy i'm teaching a class in two weeks? where? in reply to angelialevy # @alexpriest sure, my schedule is pretty tight though. drop me a line at davidj (at) in reply to alexpriest # @angelialevy nope, not backback this summer. whew. i'm out[…]