Twitter Summary # Main reading room (@ Library of Congress – Thomas Jefferson Building) # ok, i just have to say, virtualbox is teh shiznit. that is all. # @pwthornton they do run forever, and try to build a pc laptop with comparable specs – macs usually come out ahead in reply to pwthornton # @pwthornton i do get a little bummed that powerpcs can't deal with some video, but the one running my home audio studio is a tank. in reply to pwthornton # @ethanklapper you should always carry a flask while skiing for just that reason. in reply to ethanklapper # @mediatwit huh, i had indians, asians, africans, euros and yanks on my teams. no diversity[…]

Twitter Summary # +1 RT @howardowens: @steveouting Better to say "Fox News lies." The problem isn't with bias. It's with truth. # @breezy2010 probably next semester in reply to breezy2010 # my ever so delicious bookmarks are now moved to diigo – #upyoursyahoo # @TimothyDonley i am also toying around with stumbleupon # @christinemartin diigo has an import tool, just feed it your html dump from delicious and it will process. all tags appear to be intact # Hans Rosling – 2020 Shaping Ideas # @acarvin how about trolls? in reply to acarvin # Spinning and yoga (@ Results Gym) # 19 of the Best Infographics from 2010 #