Twitter Summary # Read All of This Year's Oscar-Nominated Scripts – The Moviefone Blog # sucks. all promo vids. # needing black and white, i'm wearing my white sox home jersey for the oscars. my tuxedo t-shirt is at the cleaners. # @USAToday_style you need to use the #oscar hash tag when you post to get picked up. in reply to USAToday_style # watching the red carpet awaiting ryan seacrest to talk to @ghostdawg1 # @USAToday_style twitpics would really work here. in reply to USAToday_style # @jackieturner in reply to jackieturner # @USAToday_style way to go! in reply to USAToday_style # my best supporting actress just fell asleep. night, night clara. # wow, batman has hardware.[…]

Twitter Summary # 35 Powerful and Useful Time-Savers for web Designers – tripwire magazine # Riding bikes (@ Lincoln Park w/ 2 others) # Data Visualization Tools, Slides and Links from NICAR11 // Ricochet by Chrys Wu #

Twitter Summary # I'm at Peregrine Espresso (660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, at 7th Street, Washington) w/ 2 others # I'm at Starbucks (1501 Connecticut Ave NW, at Dupont Cir NW, Washington) w/ 3 others # As usual, @sidedishband is still loading up well after we were supposed to start. That's why our fans love us. # hey folks we just got here. maybe a new record for us being late. (Broadcasting live at # yo folks, we're firing it up. # alex is running it now (Broadcasting live at #

I'm at AU – School of Communication (SOC) (4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Mary Graydon Center, 3rd Floor, Washington) # ARG!!! RT @postpolitics: The National Archives treasure hunt has begun – # WikiLeaks Cables Detail Qaddafi Family’s Exploits – # listening to #onaissues but anthony moor is on? where's @acarvin ? # HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques That Will Keep You Busy – Noupe Design Blog # headsup, the #onaissues embedded player on is playing an archive, the live show is here: # 2 More Game Mechanics To Include In Learning Games | Upside Learning Blog # Five Lessons From Learning Game Development | Upside Learning Blog # #onaissues can you speak to the[…]