I was, in short, infatuated with my new device. I’d been similarly infatuated with my old device, of course; but over the years the bloom had faded from our relationship. I’d developed trust issues with my Pearl, accountability issues, compatibility issues and even, toward the end, some doubts about my Pearl’s very sanity, until I’d finally had to admit to myself that I’d outgrown the relationship. Do I need to point out that — absent some wild, anthropomorphizing projection in which my old BlackBerry felt sad about the waning of my love for it — our relationship was entirely one-sided? Let me point it out anyway. Let me further point out how ubiquitously the word “sexy” is used to describe[…]

Twitter Summary http://ff.im/-EvUIJ # today is about one thing: honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice. honor veterans in november, lay a wreath for the fallen today. # more than 656,000 battle deaths have been recorded since 1776. http://anse.rs/l4HPdh don't dishonor their sacrifice. # edit: more than 1,346,000 servicemen and women have given their lives in our nation's history. http://anse.rs/jIG6Qz salute them today. # @stevebuttry we donate our books to local libraries, they sell the ones they don't shelve. in reply to stevebuttry # the iraq war has orphaned more children than any other u.s. war. http://bit.ly/iRBrPu think of them today, and don't forget the next time. # Star Wars: A Lost Hope – Comic – microkosmic http://ff.im/-EwRci # @webjournalist my[…]

Twitter Summary http://ff.im/-ErJkr # kids and i are painting watercolors and listening to M2 jazz live from paris. viva! # Infographic: Performance Of Mobile Gaming Apps On The iOS Platform | Mobile Marketing Watch http://ff.im/-EszCT # @EATerrell dyson. in reply to EATerrell # Content-Focused iPad Apps Value Form Over Function, Study Finds | Epicenter http://ff.im/-EsVlt # Da chev (@ Cheverly Pool and Racquet Club) http://4sq.com/j2XvbS # I'm at Chinatown Coffee Company (475 H St NW, at 5th St NW, Washington) w/ 3 others http://4sq.com/mzTDk1 #

Twitter Summary http://ff.im/-EiO40 # 20+ Awesome & Unique Uses Of Google Reader You Probably Didn't Know About http://ff.im/-Ej7pf # mobile design is a really good reason to get rid of that silly big box ad or article tools block in those first few graphs of your templates # I'm at Watkins Elementary School w/ @dcole7 http://4sq.com/liBJd4 # @jeffsonderman on sites w no mobile css, when you zoom in to read on iphone or android dolphin, have to sidescroll around to read 1st grafs in reply to jeffsonderman # @jeffsonderman better to maintain one column width all the way through for so many ux reasons. in reply to jeffsonderman # @jeffsonderman wrapping content text around ads/tools is a bad idea from[…]

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