thank god the markets are closed on the weekends. # gonna shoot bb guns tonight, just went out and grabbed a suitcase of highlife, cause @Brizzyc knows they go together like fish and chips. # @brianstelter seems like only yesterday we were blogging about @tvnewser on @lostremote – you da man, brian. in reply to brianstelter #

i've had google+ jam sessions. RT @tmonhollon: Google+ Hangouts: 4 Creative Ways People Are Using Group Video Chat # @jeffjarvis this is the story: but it isn't being told, out of fear of being called opinion. in reply to jeffjarvis # @LukeRussert yeah we do. the tax cut is off the table. just like when the public option was gone from healtcare, this is just haggling. in reply to LukeRussert # @LukeRussert once the big chip is gone, it is a no-choice choice. the rich are getting ice cream, just arguing about sprinkles now. in reply to LukeRussert # going out to congress, shoulda quit u long time ago Howlin' Wolf – Killing Floor # 6 ways[…]

All the cloud applications you use on the Internet today are written in a specific computer language. What you see as a nice icon on the front end looks like a bunch of code on the back end. It’s interesting to see where computer languages started and how they have evolved over time. There are now a series of computer languages to choose from and billions lines of code. Check out the infographic below to see the computer language timeline and read some fun facts about code along the way. Click image below for larger version. Embed This Graphic – Copy Source Code Below: Cloud applications __________________ Sources:…/Fortran_Software_Standards.pdf Subscribe to all posts by[…]

good morning from your nation's capital, where yesterday's stalled douchebag front is mixing with a dense pattern of asshattery today. # @imikewilliams i've been watching the climate on capitol hill for several days now and reporting about it. in reply to imikewilliams # Cut-Cap-Bait-Switch: Stealing from the elderly to pay for rich tax cuts #

  This graph from Sunday’s New York Times is making the rounds, even showing up at the competition like the Washington Post. This is good. Because it shows very clearly what’s going on. Because of the charged atmosphere of what constitutes opinion and what is observation in today’s journalism culture, it is hard to get a straight story on this. So let’s break it down, this isn’t a story about who’s fault it is – Bush or Obama. In the context of this debt debate, this graph shows a crime being attempted, a bait and switch.   In order to balance the budget and bring government spending into scope, Republicans (who have vowed not to raise any taxes at all[…]

hello here's the forecast from your nation's capital, the pattern of douchebaggery is expected to continue through today and into tomorrow. # cheers @NewsHour – best debt coverage i've seen. # cheers @TheAtlanticWire and @ezraklein very clear and very good debt coverage. # david brooks discovers ethnography, but writes about it without reading about it. like a 17yo who first hears zeppelin. # @myersnews when is it driving a cab? or committing tabloid journalism? or trimming a plant? journos r just trying to be cool like wargames. in reply to myersnews # @myersnews holds up much better than hackers, but i really love that one too. in reply to myersnews # @ThisAmerLife a martini is all gin. a gibson[…]