Laptops and Looms | Paul Miller

Laptops and Looms I spent a wonderful three days last week in Derbyshire talking about how we could use everything we’ve learned about creating and supporting digital technologies to start a renaissance of making things. Instigator-in-chief was Russell Davies who wrote a little bit about why we were getting together in his Wired column last […]

CSS in Real Life

view plaincopy to clipboardprint? .titanic {       float: none;   }      .worldPeace .countries {       border: transparent;   }      .cheapBicycleHelmet {       padding: 0;   }      .oneGallonJar .twoGallonsOfWater {       overflow: visible;   }      .weightWatchersClient {       width: 100%;   }      .formerWeightWatchersClient {       transform: scale(.8);   }      .badActor:first-line {       visibility: hidden;   }      .JohnLennon {       widows: 1;   }      .KurtCobain, .CourtneyLove {       orphans: 1;   }      .atheist .president {       position: absolute;   }      .religious .president {       position: relative;   }      .wateredPlant {       height: auto;   }      .CIA .agent {       background: transparent;   }   […]

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as we deal with stories about god's wrath and politics, i remind journalists that we deal in fact, not belief. papers, not pulpits. # i absolutely loathe "was the story over hyped stories" media are so lame when they refer to themselves in the third person. #notroyalty # @annatauzin really, a credenza. huh. in reply […]

Like science and politics, journalism and belief don’t mix

Science deals in reality, and it isn’t there to make you feel comfortable about things. Belief is how you explain the un-explainable. And it must change as new evidence becomes available. A fantastic Op-Ed by Krugman today: Mr. Perry, the governor of Texas, recently made headlines by dismissing evolution as “just a theory,” one that […]

How Technology Must Change Education – Edudemic

Making education accessible and relevant will have to be the driving force in reforming our educational model. In many ways, current online university options offer some insight into how education could evolve to provide uniquely tailored education to individual students rather than teaching classes of students whose age may be the only common factor. Instead […]

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what's happening to vermont is so sad. there were hundred degree days in northern new england this year. #