@TomLevenson @homeofdarwin check out at @documentcloud and also talk to @adchalet about how to deal with darwin's 14 beagle notebooks. in reply to TomLevenson # @TomLevenson my pleasure, tom. there are a lot of folks working on these issues. that's a set of information we'd want to have. in reply to TomLevenson # http://t.co/QRFX69C3 HA! # http://t.co/QRFX69C3 hilarious! mickey meets the disney news bureau at #ona11 # as i read this: @jeffjarvis http://t.co/Hs9WLMqc i recall saying to @mattmansfield at #ona11 i want to be the alex chilton of our scene. # great odin's raven! # with @dabeard and other recent moves, @Washington_Post is making digital editorial waves – what's happening on your ad side? @weymouthk # @nbcwashington pots, not cups,[…]

There’s a big discussion about reforming the tax structure for the general population, primarily focused on rich vs. poor in America. That discussion is pretty muddled by various interests, and I don’t see much clarity coming from mainstream broadcast media. It is fairly clear, no matter where you stand on the issue or in the rubric of wealth distribution in the United States, that we’ve seen a rather extraordinary concentration of wealth in the highest echelons over the past decade or two decades, depending on when you want to start tracking the slope. I’ve been considering how that structure came to be, but rather than focusing on income as a whole, I have been trying to figure out what is[…]

@davewiner i think instead of exosomatic conflict, a narrative of internal change and realization would be quite a bit more mature. in reply to davewiner # RT @BorowitzReport: If @AlecBaldwin runs for office, who will play him on Saturday Night Live? # RT @jmspool: Web designers who use JQuery get their ideas realized quickly. Join Richard Rutter's 10/6 webinar: http://t.co/iGw62yzE # RT @pewinternet: Interactive infographic: Which local information sources people rely on for different topics http://t.co/w2SCx8Aw # 20 Best jQuery Slideshow / Photo Gallery Plugins http://t.co/4MpE7hG9 # How To Find And Create An Awesome Web Apps Team And Be A Rockstar Data Developer – 10,000 Words http://t.co/MANxdwnk # Better Storytelling Through Structure / Justin Kownacki http://t.co/iFbBxKYD # 20 Tips to[…]