hey #jiconf – please pass word to all and your students, we're hosting a free #onadc student summit on futur… (cont) http://t.co/fgk7BOPe # @jamesokeefeIII lacks intellectual honesty, misrepresents, and fails journalism class with @cshirky and @jayrosen_nyu http://t.co/NNvkbIYr # hey interwebs, i am going offline for the weekend to focus time on family. i will see you all later. # @annatauzin i will decloak from my interwebs exile to say welcome to the next level in the international transgalactic fellowship of awesome in reply to annatauzin # @mattwaite been trying to get that up and running for years. good luck. we all need a garage lab. in reply to mattwaite #

Lefty journalism professor tries to discredit the Tea Party by passing along sensational footage to his buddies at the Times!!! » Pressthink. The link above, to Jay’s PressThink blog, contains his transparent accounting of the story behind the spurious and specious story that James O’Keefe is trying to present as a “truth.” It also features the embedded video by O’Keefe. First, my full support and admiration go to Jay and Clay, friends and colleagues, both of whom I deeply respect for their intellectual honesty and efforts to promote intellectual honesty among journalism students at NYU. The industrial mindset in journalism has never needed a deeper examination of the intellectual underpinnings of the entire field than right now. This is perhaps[…]

nice to shout wooohooo to so many at #onadc megamixer, now come turn it up to 11 with us at the student summit – http://t.co/va1YvV9o # @AUSOCMedia online news needs you… please sign up and help promote to other campuses in town… http://t.co/va1YvV9o # @alexpriest hey man, we're throwning a student online journalism unconference at AU on 11/11 please pass the word http://t.co/va1YvV9o # coming to @dcweek ? join us at AU on 11/11/11 for a student summit unconference on the future of news. http://t.co/va1YvV9o all welcome! # @digiphile @ethanklapper photo fx equivalent to exposure control, darkroom, or color correx are editing processes. in reply to digiphile # @ethanklapper @digiphile where airbrushing might be acceptable in fashion features, wouldn't be[…]