How @documentcloud is turning documents into data – Knight Foundation

Ted Han, DocumentCloud, in a video by Jon Vidar. Above, Ted Han describes how DocumentCloud, a 2011 Knight News Challenge winner, is developing a new feature allowing newsrooms to invite public participation in annotating and commenting on source documents. The tool will help newsrooms involve their readers in the news and improve DocumentCloud as a journalistic tool […]

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Management Lessons From Disney/ESPN – Charlie Warner – Charlie Warner – The Media Curmudgeon – Jack Myers # Social Problems Everywhere and No Attention to Spare | Age of Engagement | Big Think # I think that most journalists, certainly in America today, are dishonest with the public by telling them that… […]

Don’t blame the information for your bad habits – O’Reilly Radar

Is “information overload” the wrong term? Clay Johnson: Information overload is the wrong term because it blames the information. That doesn’t make any sense because information isn’t something that can make decisions or be malicious. Information is something that informs decisions, and those decisions are made by people. We never say someone suffering from obesity […]

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@chrisbrogan damn right. in reply to chrisbrogan # I'm listening to Pawnee Junction by Chet Baker on Pandora #pandora # @mmfa @niemanlab could we count blackfriday/cybermonday consumer stories vs. arabspring/occupy to see how the watchdogs are on democracy? # +1 (eavesdropping :)) RT @acarvin: @BaghdadBrian Me too. One could say the same about almost […]