To co-opt a line from a song, just because you’re paranoid don’t mean your cell phone carrier ain’t watching you. One mobile developer, Trevor Eckhart, has lifted the veil on mobile carriers’ insanely invasive practices, which include tracking almost everything we does with our phones, from locations to keystrokes and beyond. The data-logging software is called Carrier IQ, and its makers have told reporters it is intended to grab “information off the handset to understand the mobile-user experience, where phone calls are dropped, where signal quality is poor, why applications crash and battery life.” However, logging keystrokes — and in turn collecting every phone number, every search, every text message — as the above video shows the software doing, wanders[…]

Ted Han, DocumentCloud, in a video by Jon Vidar. Above, Ted Han describes how DocumentCloud, a 2011 Knight News Challenge winner, is developing a new feature allowing newsrooms to invite public participation in annotating and commenting on source documents. The tool will help newsrooms involve their readers in the news and improve DocumentCloud as a journalistic tool and investigative reporting resource. The site recently merged with Investigative Reporters and Editors. As a two-time Knight News Challenge winner (it won also in 2009 to launch), DocumentCloud already helps journalists analyze, annotate and publish original source documents. The site is used by more than 200 newsrooms nationwide. Han joins DocumentCloud from Videojuicer, an online video platform focused on open standards and software integration. He’s a computational linguist[…]

Management Lessons From Disney/ESPN – Charlie Warner – Charlie Warner – The Media Curmudgeon – Jack Myers # Social Problems Everywhere and No Attention to Spare | Age of Engagement | Big Think # I think that most journalists, certainly in America today, are dishonest with the public by telling them that… # Facebook’s entire business model is under fire in the EU | VentureBeat # The personal(ized) brand: Yet another reason The Economist is trouncing competitors » Nieman Journalism Lab # so. fucking. awesome. RT @mtigas: I demand EVERYBODY view source on . Right now. /via @JoshuaFrankel @yurivictor # i loved @Oatmeal before, but now, i am head over heels. your source code[…]

More recently I discovered Freebase, whose ability to integrate many different kinds of data, very flexibly, from many different sources, impressed me again. Freebase’s data is user-maintained, with completely flexible schemata (folksonomy); so how did it avoid massive loads of inaccessible or poorly linked data? Well, Google was impressed too, and about a year ago turned Freebase’s technology into one of their own products: Google Refine (see intro videos on the official site if you don’t know the product already). Freebase is fun to browse, and can easily eat up too much of your time (it’s like a semantic Wikipedia), which is why I’ve just closed it. But how does it work? More specifically, how does Freebase / Google Refine[…]

Is “information overload” the wrong term? Clay Johnson: Information overload is the wrong term because it blames the information. That doesn’t make any sense because information isn’t something that can make decisions or be malicious. Information is something that informs decisions, and those decisions are made by people. We never say someone suffering from obesity is suffering from food overload. Bad food is manufactured by companies that are being run by people, being distributed by companies that are run by people, and being purchased with money from people. Spend a night in a room with a bucket of fried chicken, and provided you don’t eat it, your cholesterol is unlikely to change. via

@chrisbrogan damn right. in reply to chrisbrogan # I'm listening to Pawnee Junction by Chet Baker on Pandora #pandora # @mmfa @niemanlab could we count blackfriday/cybermonday consumer stories vs. arabspring/occupy to see how the watchdogs are on democracy? # +1 (eavesdropping :)) RT @acarvin: @BaghdadBrian Me too. One could say the same about almost every journo I've ever met. 🙂 # What's Fit to Print? The Mainstream Media's Misguided Obsession With "Objectivity" | Media | AlterNet # @iamsusannah you're brave as hell and strong enough for the fight. # @technosailor i had a pair made for me. black snakeskin. my dog ate them. but i couldn't blame him. he was sad. in reply to technosailor # seriously, how[…]