already has. RT @NiemanLab: .@hermida: 2012 will be the year social media becomes boring (and that's a good thing) # The origin of "kick the can" | Marketplace from American Public Media # (via U.S. debt was a better investment than gold this year – The Washington Post) # @greglinch the greatest invention is bread. tracking grain and milling were why we needed writing. enabled div of labor, freed time up. in reply to greglinch # Alfred Hermida: 2012 will be the year social media gets boring via @niemanlab # @greglinch oh yes, consider the birth of civilization at 10,000 BC, grain cultivation in the fertile crescent is the start of it all. in reply to[…]

The damage being done by excessive social media is every bit as real as the damage done by a steady diet of bacon cheeseburgers and no exercise, and just as slow to become obvious. Frictionless sharing is the cardiac event that should signal it’s time to cut back on the endless diet of bacon cheeseburgers. Stop feeding the beast, and start using social media in moderation. via

Social media: Have we finally hit the peak of the hype cycle? By Ted Sapountzis on December 27, 2011 | Comments (9) Ted Sapountzis is vice president of social media audience marketing at SAP and has been with the company since 2004 in various product-management and strategy roles. You can follow Sapountzis on Twitter or visit his personal blog. It’s pretty simple, actually: The people we are trying to attract see no value, we are not able to show the return to our companies and our bosses are not willing to invest more, and so the vicious cycle continues.  No, I am not predicting a doomsday scenario; I am merely looking forward to some sanity settling in as we get[…]

Family Guy – Mario Rescues Princess # americans are finally honest with themselves, better days aren't ahead. but that doesn't mean we should elect a con. # @harrisj @Chanders traditional media is an acheulean hand ax. digital media is a clovis point. #journomediacliches in reply to harrisj # @longcreative but you do. and if you aren't helping to change it, you're making it possible. keep spreading the word. in reply to longcreative # fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. # wouldn't it be great if we could have a STEM university campus on the RFK site in DC? # @hatchjt you're underappreciated. in reply to hatchjt # @hatchjt yeah, but @milothelab will always be there for you.[…]

Data mining without prejudice This graphic depicts the top 0.25 percent of the relationships that the researchers’ techniques found in data on the concentration of microbes in the human gut.Image courtesy of David Reshef A new technique for finding relationships between variables in large datasets makes no prior assumptions about what those relationships might be. via

19Dec/110 How to Share your Google Reader items to your Social Networks I usually don’t post tutorials, but  I’ve been asked by so many people to explain how to share stuff  from Google Reader to their social networks that I’m doing this one. I already posted a negative rant last week, so this time I’ll be more constructive.  I’m a heavy Reader user, with almost 500 feed sources and I usually go through a 1000 items each day , so this disruption was more than inconvenient for me.  Before the changes imposed by Google, all you had to do was to go through your feed item list on Reader, click on share, then had the feed of the shared articles[…]