As the digital marketing landscape has evolved, so have the strategies. Changes in the structure and definition of media have broken apart the silos of paid, owned, and earned media and have spurred marketers to re-examine how paid, owned, and earned media can be integrated for greater success. In doing so, marketers have realized better ways to engage audiences by offering relevant information that informs and helps the consumer make better purchase decisions, rather than a one-size-fits-all message that is simply blasted where consumers happen to be. Integrating paid, owned, and earned media means that marketers are now viewing paid media as a means to amplify the impact of earned and owned media. It also means marketers are putting increased[…]

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The Washington press differs from the Columbian and Albion in that a very simple toggle joint provides pressure to the platen and on each side of the platen are coil springs which raise it to open position. The Washington hand press is the invention of Samuel Rust, an American who first produced his press in 1821. In 1834, R. Hoe & Company took over his firm and continued to make the Washington. Many firms manufactured the Washington, some well into the 1900′s. It was the last style of hand press made in the United States. This press was made and sold by Palmer & Rey of San Francisco, the first successful Far West typefounder. (71 inches high) via I’ve[…]

steve jobs was a hippie, wearing only sandals, and couldn't go on the atari production floor when he worked there. # Massive red line delays. Trying to get to #games196 # Will be at #games196 as soon as shuttle can get me there. 5 or 10 minutes. # #games196 #

huh, yahoo's turnaround plan sounds a lot like AOLs turnaround plan. # @Chronotope kind of reminds me of tty harware games before microprocessors were invented. in reply to Chronotope # @USNatArchives @edsu would @documentcloud be of any use in these projects? in reply to USNatArchives # @edsu journalism is a rather broad and moving target, i would expect archival data to be of great value to the @documentcloud community. in reply to edsu # whatever pelosi has on newt isn't going to be enough to sway cons. even if she has a film of him in a threeway with mao and trotsky. # @glenng no…. did posterous take your whole article instead of an excerpt? in reply to glenng[…]

Ever wonder how long a Tweet is good for? We did. Being the analytical geeks that we are, we decided to do our own research. The analysis brought us to the conclusion that the average life of a Tweet is about 48 hours. ….. This analysis was based on click through activity. There are other factors such as re-tweets and replies that are interesting to look at. However, we were interested in finding out how effective Tweets were in driving traffic using an embedded URLs. Twitter conversations, while important, were not addressed in our analysis. Of the Tweets examined, 54% had click through activity. Within the subset of Tweets that had click through activity, here is what we found: 73.8% of the[…]

For the past couple of months CityMystery has been building a new game, called PHEON. (A pheon is an ancient Greek arrowhead that has come to symbolize nimbleness of wit.) The purpose of our game is to celebrate (and reinforce) the American impulse to innovate. An economist friend of mine recently said that we have to “invent” our way out of our current mess. With PHEON I am promoting the idea that Americans understand innovation as a reoccurring utility of our democracy, one that matches our ability to adapt and succeed. PHEON’s subtext has to do with how ideas are passed along: how one person articulates a wish that another fulfills. PHEON is also a story about transformation, which is[…]