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@alibomaye #censorshipsucksbigtime in reply to alibomaye # @alibomaye her name is danielle cohen. in reply to alibomaye # when @marctomik writes for @dcist @wmata gets a dose of maple syrupy safety goodness. cc @MarcTomikFacts # when @marctomik writes for @dcist @wmata gets a dose of maple syrupy safety goodness. cc @MarcTomikFacts #

The Washington Hand Press: The Old West’s Web Server

The Washington press differs from the Columbian and Albion in that a very simple toggle joint provides pressure to the platen and on each side of the platen are coil springs which raise it to open position. The Washington hand press is the invention of Samuel Rust, an American who first produced his press in […]

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steve jobs was a hippie, wearing only sandals, and couldn't go on the atari production floor when he worked there. # Massive red line delays. Trying to get to #games196 # Will be at #games196 as soon as shuttle can get me there. 5 or 10 minutes. # #games196 #

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huh, yahoo's turnaround plan sounds a lot like AOLs turnaround plan. # @Chronotope kind of reminds me of tty harware games before microprocessors were invented. in reply to Chronotope # @USNatArchives @edsu would @documentcloud be of any use in these projects? in reply to USNatArchives # @edsu journalism is a rather broad and moving […]

The 48 Hour Life of a Tweet | GaggleAMP

Ever wonder how long a Tweet is good for? We did. Being the analytical geeks that we are, we decided to do our own research. The analysis brought us to the conclusion that the average life of a Tweet is about 48 hours. ….. This analysis was based on click through activity. There are other […]