@lisawilliams have i told you lately that i love you. in reply to lisawilliams # @ibogost does this involve trench coats in any way? in reply to ibogost # @pennjillette you should host an updated version of match game and blow that apprentice schwag out of the water. in reply to pennjillette # mashable: Interesting to see the difference between news organization’s Facebook pages and Twitter pages!… http://t.co/4s4msRed # Learn to program…no, don't. http://t.co/VU6IChSv # fuckyeahtattoos: My feet tattoos of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. Done by Mouse at Peggy’s-Not-So-Scary in Boise, ID. http://t.co/lzehfaLQ # i do believe i just witnessed an #unleashtalan tag from #sls12 @talan has made it to an elite club, joining #wendelisms & #shitprojosays # @lisawilliams actually, it's freedom[…]

I just unlocked the Level 2 "Warhol" badge on @foursquare! In it to win it! http://t.co/CWVxYgo7 # @AU_SMCEDU whats up with the confab this weekend? is there a program posted that lets us know when and where we go? # (via One Is Not Enough: Why Creative People Need Multiple Outlets – Design – GOOD) http://t.co/ipYzYAjF #

@andysherry @carlmalamud have a grateful day. # consider this: DNA is quadratic, four nucleotides in varied combinations = all life on earth. 1 example of 1 level up from binary . # @yurivictor i'm an anarchist. http://t.co/ucFnmpy6 in reply to yurivictor # @yurivictor i find it rather difficult to wrap my head around @mthomps labeling and classifying people. inherently dangerous ground. in reply to yurivictor # @yurivictor @mthomps but my MBT is eNTj – which expects that i would perceive it that way. in reply to yurivictor # @mthomps @yurivictor nice. @webjournalist and i already have a west coast /east coast thing going. let's get this on. in reply to mthomps # @Lavrusik mobile is the "source"? mobile is the[…]

@richgor i am always up for a jam session. in reply to richgor # @jcstearns @myersnews @Storify that would be awesome. in reply to jcstearns # @albertocairo yes. in reply to albertocairo # thanks @TomDispatch i apologize to my children for this, too. this didn't have to happen. i'm so sad we're here. http://t.co/l2n6XnHl # i would like it if someone would ask the ASNE AP meeting lunch to make a show of hands: is climate change real? http://t.co/i4FgWbm5 #

The market for Web sites, night classes, online lectures and games that offer crash courses in programming and Web site construction is booming. Those jumping on board say they are preparing for a future in which the Internet is the foundation for entertainment, education and nearly everything else. Knowing how the digital pieces fit together, they say, will be crucial to ensuring that they are not left in the dark ages. Some in this crowd foster secret hopes of becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg. But most have no plans to quit their day jobs — it’s just that those jobs now require being able to customize a blog’s design, or handle the care and feeding of an online database. “Inasmuch[…]

Luckily, as the need for geographic literacy has increased, digital cartography has exploded. Interactive maps and location-based services have unleashed a torrent of spatial tools throughout the past few years, making everything from analysis to sophisticated Web applications accessible. There are a bevy of tools available, but here’s an introduction to those that make up my open-source GIS suite. via datadrivenjournalism.net

Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images A large video screen shows a scene from Super Mario Bros. at the exhibition “The Art of Video Games.” In 2009, when the Smithsonian began planning an exhibition devoted to video game art, I became kind of ecstatic. I was in the midst of writing a book whose narrative thread included an arc that showed how video games could be artful. Literally raising my fist in the air at the news, there was a sense of triumph, a sigh of relief. The word “finally” escaped from my lips. I could hardly believe it. An institution as lauded as the Smithsonian would devote gallery space to a look at video game art through the decades. That, indeed, would[…]

Photo by Alan Spearman Ten-year-old Davis Fortenberry’s m3pi robot won first place in the IEEE competition in Orlando. Davis Fortenberry, 10, rolled out his robot in a college-level competition in Orlando earlier this month and mopped up, save for the jaws on the floor. With bangs, barely a care about girls and two feet shorter than the competition, this one-kid team outmaneuvered most college teams at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Southeastern competition. “Actually it was kind of exciting; I wasn’t nervous at all,” said Davis, a fifth-grader from Piperton. “When I explained to them how old I was, what grade I was in and that I did have a robot, I think they were afraid of me,”[…]