It isn’t the medium, it is the message

There is a lot of hope that tablets will save journalism as we know it. That hope is by current industrial providers of news content. Here’s a clip from Pew’s recent State of the Media report on magazines: The good news for magazine publishers is that the newest mobile devices, particularly tablets, may provide a […]

One of my photos is in the Washingtonian

  Revolution Yoga Draws Cyclists for a Double Workout | Fitness Classes | Washingtonian. I shot this for the photo gallery of Gabriella’s website when we were putting it together. I didn’t like the background then, but it has been appreciated since. Washingtonian asked to run it with a story they did on G’s Revolution […]

The user is king, not content.

We used to say that content was king. Really, it is the user who is king and always has been. The user is the sole, undisputed and perpetual ruler of their own time and attention. In social media, it isn’t the content that’s at the center, it is that the user who liked the content […]

Pixar story rules

These are great general guidelines that apply to all storytelling: narrative, non-linear, game-based, documentary, journalism, or straight creative fiction. For truelife or reality-based storytelling, the guidelines are the tightropes of storytelling bias – how the lens and perspective used to view and depict reality to another distort the reality. For fiction, these tips help your […]