you know how journalism has been internet bashing for so long… well, the thing about the internet is that you can see lots of content from outside your usual geographically defined market, so you can tell when a package from a news service gets repeated… over and over and over. Media Reacts: I Scream, You Scream Edition – CONAN on TBS – YouTube.

It’s hard to overestimate Alan Turing’s contributions to contemporary civilization. To mathematics, he contributed one of two nearly simultaneous proofs about the limits of first-order logic. In cryptography he devised an electromechanical device that decoded German Enigma machine’s signals during World War II, an accomplishment that should also be counted as a contribution to twentieth century warfare and politics. In computer science, he developed a theory of universal computation and an associated architectural design that forms the foundation for the computer on which you are now reading. His take on machine intelligence has been influential in both the philosophy of mind and as the foundation of the field of artificial intelligence. And his prosecution for homosexuality, along with his apparent[…]

In sum, we have shown that simple and brief interactions with nature can produce marked increases in cognitive control. To consider the availability of nature as merely an amenity fails to recognize the vital importance of nature in effective cognitive functioning. via How Urban Parks Enhance Your Brain – Arts & Lifestyle – The Atlantic Cities. Of course, buddhists have long advocated that walking in nature restores karma.

Is university research being held captive by morally suspect for-profit academic publishers charging exorbitant prices for journal subscriptions? Since the start of 2012, this caricature of academic publishing has captured headlines within higher education news. In February, academics boycotted publishing giant Elsevier in protest of its support of the Research Works Act, which would have prevented federal agencies from requiring that their funded research be made publicly available. Similarly, the Harvard library published an open memo to its faculty, urging its faculty to publish in open access journals as it could no longer afford to pay for expensive journal subscriptions. But is there any truth to this dramatic portrayal of positions between publishers, academics and libraries, where publishers are painted[…]

Compared to a printed newspaper, 60% of large media tablet users and 50% of smartphone owners consider their experience consuming news on their mobile device to be better. Compared to watching news on TV, 63% of large media tablet owners and 46% of smartphone users favored watching on their mobile devices. Compared to listening to news on the radio, 73% of large media tablets said their experience was better, 59% of smartphone users favored their phone. via The iPad becomes the evening newspaper | JIMROMENESKO.COM.

Moby cuts all his own music out of his New York Apartment. Here’s a look at his home studio, and a special look at his collection of vintage and analog drum machines. I love how he says all electronic musicians can’t be cool, because they are all computer nerds at heart. Moby’s collection of vintage drum machines, the nerdiest instrument ever created, show how passion and lack of hangups are the essence of cool. Cool is being comfortable with who you are and being comfortable with people who are the way they are.

Here’s a big story from CNN today: Getting served with foreclosure papers made Lynn Szymoniak rich. While she couldn’t have known it at the time, that day in 2008 led to her uncovering widespread fraud on the part of some of the country’s biggest banks, and ultimately taking home $18 million as a result of her lawsuits against them. via Whistleblowers win $46.5 million in foreclosure settlement – Jul. 2, 2012. Most people may be drawn to the more salacious and/or sensational story that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is (*shock*) gay. But these kinds of cases have had me thinking about journalism for a while. Most of these big class action suits start with an investigative report, or one or[…]