Have you got what it takes to claw your way from freshman lawmaker to the Oval Office? The new Congressional simulator, “For the People,” allows political junkies to do just that — without having to smooch a single baby, beg for cash or clumsily defend any nonsensical views on rape. via Gamer Takes on Congress | Heard on the Hill. I doubt anyone was keeping track, but my knight challenge application nearly five years ago was called “for the people” and was a sim city visualization of capitol hill to view internal workings of the legislative branch.

5. Startups Are Searching For Non-Advertising Business ModelsFinally, the new wave of publishing services are all seemingly anti-advertising. App.net even managed to raise $800,000 on the premise that it would never have ads. Instead it has a subscription model. Its unclear yet how Medium and Branch intend to make money.This is an exciting time for Web publishing. Sure, there are lots of questions to be answered about the latest crop of publishing services. But it feels like there is experimentation happening again on the Web – which is a very positive sign. via 5 Reasons Why Web Publishing is Changing Again.

The purchase of the sports-blogging site Bleacher Report by Turner Broadcasting unit fills a content hole for the Time Warner unit, but it is also a validation of the user-generated-content model behind the sports-blogging network, and a sign of the disruptive effects that model can have. via Bleacher Report and the evolution of the content farm — Tech News and Analysis.