A majority of U.S. consumers — 60% — still want to watch their shows on TV, but these same consumers also want their smartphones and tablets by their side.Drilling down to other data, KPMG International said in a new report that in the U.S., 42% of consumers say they watch TV and access the Internet via a laptop or PC, while 17% watch TV and access the Web via a smartphone. The study also found that 22% watch TV and use a social networking site at the same time. via MediaPost Publications TV Still Tops, But Multiscreen Viewing Commonplace 01/29/2013.

This week’s Presidential Inaugural may serve as an interesting milestone in the emerging power of mobilized multimedia as crowdsourced journalism. Instagram encouraged its users at the Monday events to post their pics to a series of hashtags that included #inauguration2013, #inaug2013 and in concert with the cable news network #CNN. via MediaPost Publications Insta-Journalism Mobilizes 01/23/2013.

Education, particularly the education of populations that most need it to improve their lot, is tied up with a political and economic situation that is not sufficiently addressed by merely connecting some of its output to the Internet, or by abdicating public responsibility to do otherwise to the first salesman who offers a sort-of viable alternative, no more than better night travel by car in Atlanta would be sufficiently supported by allowing private companies to connect to the electrical grid, or by providing government subsidies to flashlight manufacturers. via Inequality in American Education Will Not Be Solved Online – Ian Bogost – The Atlantic.

* Not caring whether anyone links to you is like not caring that your article was printed in white ink on white paper. * If you only chase what people are reading, you’ll never become what they’re talking about. * If you can’t report, edit, take photos, edit photos, upload photos, shoot video, edit video, upload images, and write your own headline and lede, please get off the internet. * If you don’t have the resources to moderate your comments section, you don’t deserve a comments section. * Write for humans and eventually Google will get it. Screw “SEO.” It’s a fool’s game, played by whores. * Humans also like to know what something is about before they read it. Key[…]

I wish I were being simply ironic and flippant here, but I think this is very serious. I know just how serious when I talk to corporate recruiters about the current crop of students and they tell me that, whereas it used to take six months for a great student to become a great coworker, it now takes a good year to two years. This generation of students is still waiting for the final grade, for the test score that shows they’ve aced a subject, not for some demonstrable achievement of mastery or — the most crucial workplace skill — an ability to survey one’s skills and knowledge, understand where one might be lacking, and then find someone to fill[…]