Custom taxonomies are a useful add on when you are creating a custom WordPress site that’s more than a blog. When combining custom taxonomies and custom post types just right, you can create any kind of website using WordPress. via How to use custom taxonomies in WordPress | Developer Drive.

Meanwhile, the film industry was considering what the addition of color meant as a narrative device. "Something living had been brought into the world that was not there before," the Broadway set designer Robert Edmond Jones wrote in 1935 of the newly honed Technicolor process. The Wizard of Oz, in 1939, employed one of the most famous uses of Technicolor as narrative: the moment when Dorothy leaves her sepia-toned reality for the colorful land of Oz. It was in the 1930s, too, that Technicolor cameramen, previously seen as mere technicians, were beginning to be honored for their artistic work. via How Technicolor Changed Storytelling – The Atlantic.

I’m a little disappointed that some of my early sites were not listed, but the list only starts in 1996. From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996 – The Washington Post.

Kenji Yamaguchi’s shop could be mistaken for Sid’s workbench from Toy Story, a place where mangled lenses and broken shutters crowd out bare areas of his workspace. His office is tucked away in the basement of National Geographic, behind a grease-covered floor filled with drill presses and electric saws. Surrounded by robotic motors, modified macro lenses, and custom flashes, Kenji builds contraptions that can’t be bought. When a photographer needs to fasten a camera onto a thirty-foot pole to capture a bird in her nest, or build a wide-angle macro lense to identify pollen on a flower with mountains in the background, he’ll call Kenji.   The Magic Starts Here: Kenji’s Workshop of Camera Wizardry | PROOF.

Prepare a synopsis or scenario of events in the order of their absolute occurrence—not the order of their narrations. This is a practice adhered to by writers from J.K. Rowling and William Faulkner to Norman Mailer. It seems a an excellent general piece of advice for any kind of fiction. Prepare a second synopsis or scenario of events—this one in order of narration (not actual occurrence), with ample fullness and detail, and with notes as to changing perspective, stresses, and climax. Write out the story—rapidly, fluently, and not too critically—following the second or narrative-order synopsis. Change incidents and plot whenever the developing process seems to suggest such change, never being bound by any previous design. It may be that the[…]

“You may not need a business plan if you’re six Stanford engineers in Silicon Valley who have an app that’s got a million followers, because you’re going to be acquired so you can be hired,” said Ms. Abrams, author of “Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies.” “But if you’re starting a cafe in Des Moines or a graphic design business in Phoenix, you really want to plan. It doesn’t have to be a big document, but you get to make your mistakes on paper, rather than in real life.” via As Start-Up Strategies Evolve, So Does Role of a Business Plan –

There’s significant momentum for publishers toward increasing the production of video content, on account of both the strength of video as a medium for storytelling and high video CPMs as advertisers begin to move their TV spends online see the Chicago Tribune’s coverage for one example. An increase in video content across the board, of course, means that it’s all the more important that we have a sense of which parts of our audience we can hope to reach with video. To that end, below is a brief survey of the state of online audiences and their consumption of video. When visitors land on a text-based article, in almost all circumstances they read some portion of the article’s content. The[…]