The real pain isn’t at the pump, it is in your healthcare costs

The Media and Politics world really, really, really is trying hard to put this in front of you today. Gas prices are skyrocketing, and it is up to the President to save us. And he’s not doing it. So we need to debate it. Really. Gas Prices Taking Their Toll on Obama – Politics – […]

Cut-Cap-Bait-Switch: Stealing from the elderly to pay for rich tax cuts

  This graph from Sunday’s New York Times is making the rounds, even showing up at the competition like the Washington Post. This is good. Because it shows very clearly what’s going on. Because of the charged atmosphere of what constitutes opinion and what is observation in today’s journalism culture, it is hard to get […]

twitter is a bearcat on steroids, @acarvin needs help, and twitter is the new radio

Tens of thousands of people have been following Andy Carvin on Twitter in the past few weeks as he’s taken on the herculean effort of following and sharing news and information from the middle east revolutions. He’s been doing great work, moving the news conversation forward and showing a new type of editorial correspondence in the […]

the science news cycle, funny ’cause it’s true

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Going up in smoke: the future of the media

Glenn Luther wrote up a really nice post on yesterday’s Future of Media panel at DC week. I posted a comment there and am reposting it here to track back. the elephant in the room was and is, if there is still a value proposition in associating advertising content against editorial content online. then, do […]

going green works and doesn’t hurt at all. 2009 carbon emissions drop 7 percent

While folks were grousing around arguing about policies, treaties, accords and laws to deal with climate change, popping off pithy catch phrases like cap-and-trade and talking like going green meant going broke, something interesting happened: the free market has organically cut carbon emissions by 7%. the largest drop since the EIA started measuring data in […]

Infographic of the Day: The Best Guide to the Oil Spill’s Impacts | Fast Company

Infographic of the Day: The Best Guide to the Oil Spill’s Impacts | Fast Company.

AOL Moves to Build Tech ‘Newsroom of the Future’ – BusinessWeek

Good press that may move the stock needle for the old guard investors, but AOL seems to be making another, deeper step into being a TimeWarner style content company here. Once, AOL’s greatest features were community driven – instant messenger, e-mail, buddy lists — all of the old bbs community features that kept people in […]

Jon Stewart: For Fox's sake

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From the LR archives: Where’s the public in public broadcasting online? #nprthink

#nprthink is going on right now over at npr, i’m watching the hash on twitter as friends and generally smart people talk it over. i posted the item below on back on November 14, 2006. it caused quite a ripple and got a response from current magazine. since cory moved lostremote over to the […]