@jayrosen_nyu sigh. in reply to jayrosen_nyu # wow. it just feels hopeless. RT @NRDC: BP to start three new Gulf of Mexico oil rigs http://t.co/h8lwnhRT # 12 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of April 2012 http://t.co/YreNMNkT # (via Bing Strips Down Results Page To Make Google Look Like “Search Overload” | TechCrunch) http://t.co/mzXQJaeC # The Audit Bureau of Circulations issued its biannual report of newspaper circulation yesterday. The news was… http://t.co/rQQGbQYL # Recognizing the common thinking strategies of creative geniuses and applying them will make you more creative in… http://t.co/1XoaoIKj # @DanielleAlberti eat a carrot and start coding. in reply to DanielleAlberti # @DanielleAlberti the beginning is always a good place. in reply to DanielleAlberti # @DanielleAlberti ha! i do love[…]

The Psychology of Why the Right and the Left Believe in Media Bias | Age of Engagement | Big Think http://t.co/1ElQcc0M # @chrisdroukas oh groovy. thanks for the tip. in reply to chrisdroukas # @SuziSteffen what instrument? in reply to SuziSteffen # Some top-line numbers for the six-month period ending March 31, 2012: Digital circulation now accounts for 14.2… http://t.co/015Fu8Gg # (via Are robots and content farms the future of the news? — Tech News and Analysis) http://t.co/AycHwgtO # Blake Masters: Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup – Class 6 Notes Essay http://t.co/eeYtVCRH # More than 106 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in March, up 9 percent… http://t.co/V1ou8ZOZ # (via Smuggled cargo found on Roman[…]

(via Jane McGonigal, Designer of SuperBetter, Moves Games Deeper Into Daily Life – http://t.co/dzlddVXL) http://t.co/VfYKkFXC # Salmon in turn argued that it isn’t really important *when* regular readers get access to news stories, and so it… http://t.co/YOh5nLhz #

Search Harvard's Open Metadata http://t.co/D5Qz9hJA # Ten Tips to Create Useful and Beautiful Visualizations http://t.co/kFlU3Fys # We understand the values of mainstream journalists, including the effort to report both sides of a story. But a… http://t.co/cWQYqi0z # @ElleBeyoud good one. in reply to ElleBeyoud #

(via Money For Arts Journalism, In Three Cities That Need It : The Record : NPR) http://t.co/FR3JIDu0 # watched @avantgame 's @tedtalks today & talked attention economy, how people are powerful. positive ending to a great games class. # high five for you. RT @JoanRonstadt: All the awards to @darthcheeta for helping me finish my project # paging @rachelsterne — so, how does amazon ec2 sound to you… http://t.co/QXSfcEOp # (via Social Media’s Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships – Zeynep Tufekci – Technology – The Atlantic) http://t.co/D8B4XGY2 # In last Sunday’s New York Times magazine, Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and professor at M.I.T., wrote an… http://t.co/fTm64ai8 # Make an accordian style slider in CSS3 http://t.co/T6FO5Avo # jQuery Mobile 1.1: Smoother, Faster,[…]

There are some interesting thoughts in this New York Times opinion piece about a class at Stanford taught by Peter… http://t.co/pYQEkZWD # Online Corpora: a list http://t.co/XgFvY0Rm # CORPORA: 45-400 million words each: free online access http://t.co/ajXoVATw # Concordancing & Collocations http://t.co/Z2NXFl24 # SSLMIT Dev Online http://t.co/Jf5jDwJn # CORPORA: 45-425 million words each: free online access http://t.co/Ee4FqFOO # Corpus Resources http://t.co/ipNsVd7Y # 33 Ways to Instant Blogging Failure http://t.co/LOkblYd3 # @newmediajim nyahh in reply to newmediajim # (via Arctic ice nears record low) http://t.co/6aclpqme # Gamification Summit – Gamification Tips http://t.co/YL1soFP3 # (via Predicted: In 15 Years, 90% of News Stories Will Be Written by Algorithms – Rebecca J. Rosen – Technology -… http://t.co/2F9TGe5Q # Where do you define what[…]

MediaPost Publications Key To Web Advertising's Future: Comparability To TV Ads 04/20/2012 http://t.co/gV6Pqga2 # (via Coolest jobs in tech (literally): running a South Pole data center) http://t.co/YjXKHmsK # The story behind ‘one of the best op-ed pieces ever’ | http://t.co/2ZZu416s http://t.co/FCRGaANj # CSS3 regions: Rich page layout with HTML and CSS3 | Adobe Developer Connection http://t.co/Kn2VoEV1 # Dirty Energy Money: John Boehner http://t.co/En4SVQte # Dirty Energy Money: Denny Rehberg http://t.co/YWr5LuEb # Coolest jobs in tech (literally): running a South Pole data center http://t.co/NrirDvk5 # Elizabeth Flock’s resignation: The Post fails a young blogger – The Washington Post http://t.co/gQfRshhx # Heather Courtney Pull Focus 04 – Any pro tips on editing?-YouTube http://t.co/ca6hoAow # CSS Regions | Web Standards | Adobe &[…]

Forget liberal bias. A new study reveals that the press covered Romney twice as favorably as Obama during the… http://t.co/DYFv0aye # 10 Admin Menu Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Site’s User… http://t.co/LkixkWuA # Data maps from 1880-1889 on top and 2000-2009 on the bottom illustrate global temperature changes. These maps… http://t.co/zlYxmSxu # phpmaster | Working with Files in PHP http://t.co/AmOOi1GR # my latest post: Correction: Climate Change Is a Fact http://t.co/8Z2QuoYy via @huffingtonpost #

@captain_primate i did that in the early 90s. will be interesting to see how it has progressed. in reply to captain_primate # @kdoctor @robpegoraro you pay to be in a market. these business plans resemble theme parks and non-profit fundraising strategies. in reply to kdoctor #